Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011: Preamble

Azly Anwar: Looking for someone who has done SAC to call for advice. I'm almost certain to register, just wanna check out the financial bit. The 2day solo ultra trail running category is really tempting. Help please.

My obvious reply to that to his Facebook posting would be of course i will join him if he wants to form a team.

And that was how it started.

I have heard of Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC) from the like of Zabil, Doc Hisyam, Bean, Soon, Adilah, Steve Canadian Bear etc. Basically it is the best adventure race they ever raced as it span a total of 3 days over the lush jungle of Sabah.

Any adventure freak (or wannabe like me) could not resist such offer. Not when you are teaming up with a person like Bandit. Historically, my first ever adventure race was with him (and Doc Hisyam) and there was no turning back. Whenever there was any adventure race, i will not blink an eye to pair up with him. With exception for the races he did not join or that one single race in Singapore that i registered without him (and he got...jealous, hahahah!).

We even got ourselves onto national TV (TV3) for Explorace Season 3. You know you are semi-celeb when the auntie/makcik shopping in the hypermarket can recognize you!

It was easier (to be recognised) as i had to bald my head in front of national TV.
So, tell me. It is a natural choice to team up with Bandit!.
Who else will give you the amount of pain and at the same time gives you the pleasure back again?
Who will still have his brain functioning in the most extreme of cases (solving arithmetic questions while being thrown about in a roller coaster ride going 360degree and get it RIGHT the first time???)
Who will cheer you up when you are losing it?
Who will pull you through and tell you to "imagine that Jessica Alba is naked and in front of you" when you are tired?

Azly Ahmad Anwar.

We registered as Team Alpha Bravo for the simple reason that he is from Alpha company and myself from Bravo company. This runs back to 1991 when we were both in RMC (his last year, my first year). Aptly so, the ties that bond us was because of the military school we were both trained. 

Sabah Adventure Challenge will happen from 21st to 25th April 2011. For the first time, they have Ultra Trail Running which is 60km over two days. While some of you readers might had done the Ultra 100KM in a day (in Singapore TNF), trail running in Sabah is totally different as the organisers promised adventure such as river crossing (depending on mother nature, if she is kind, we get to cross at chest high, if she is angry, we got to swim across perhaps?).
Whatever it is, i am all excited. I have also gotten my leave for this race approved (thank you boss! if you are reading this, but what are the chances!?). What is left now is to get a flight to Sabah and race!

Yes, of course, the training too. For the next few months to come, with the absence of Langkawi Ironman (some say it might be back, but who will want to commit to an Ironman race with minimal training, or last minute race confirmation unless you been training whole year to end?), this is the next most exciting race for 2011 for me. Looks like in the pipeline is to get my aging MTB a new life, do more trail running, get fit, get pumped up, do some night trail running and learn to cook instant noodle in the jungle again! It is after all, a self sufficient race! So, all care and preparation has to come into play and that include regulating bowel movement (i might need to consult CIFU Saiful as he can hold his shite for 3 days!!!!)

Bring on SAC 2011!


  1. It's gg to be fun... haha .. trust me... :).. there's some training clinics in singapore before this race. Will be useful. Do join if u can :)

  2. My rite-up: http://lalaneedsalife.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-first-adventure-race.html

    Ling's rite-up: http://lingthemerciless.blogspot.com/2010/04/salomon-suunto-sabah-adventure.html

  3. Jonie - thanks for sharing! Nola, not gonna go all the way down to Singapore for race clinic. :)