Thursday, November 18, 2010

Of Blood Donation And Bangsa Malaysia

There was a blood donation exercise in the office building today. I am a huge fan of giving blood away. Do you know that for every pint of blood that you donate, it will be split into 3 bags and that would meant you potentially can save three person that need a pint each?

My relationship with blood donation started when i was studying in TAR College. HKL or Blood Bank loves TAR College as i think the students believe giving blood was a noble act and they are hoping by doing more good deeds, they will be re-paid with good tidings.

When i was in TAR College, I have donated close to 20 odd times (last i counted and was given a cert for that), but despite that, i had to "re-sit" one year lah (because i failed my third year diploma). So, the "good deed = good tiding" doesn't really work here ;-)

Anyway, back then, the form for blood donation was much simpler. Perhaps back then, when i was younger (and slightly brainwashed to be Pro-Government), i overlooked certain things; like WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY WANT TO KNOW WHAT RACE YOU ARE WHEN YOU DONATE BLOOD!?
I consoled myself that it is for statistical reasons. The maybe want to know how many people of certain races donate blood (and maybe this translate to be more patriotic?) and maybe which race are more generous? I don't know, but to move towards 1Malaysia and to realise the dream, we should just do away with forms that has these notation in them.

This also make me wonder if by ticking it as certain race, my blood will be selectively given to only that race? Is my blood more inferior than the others?
I also feel the pain when the needle goes in.
Anyway, if you still have not given blood to save your fellow countrymen's (and women) life, consider to start it soon. I also recommend that you donate only at KL Bloodbank because that is the only place that will not SELL your blood. I was made to understand that private hospital SELL the blood they collected (unless some of you can tell all of us this is not true). I have blood account with both HKL and UH.
Talk about milking you dry with 0.5inch of needle
Anyway, since i left TAR College, I've been a regular until about three years ago to donate Plasma. I can donate plasma once every two weeks and i did it once a month back then. To date, i believe i have charted in at least 30 times of donation, i am not sure about the figure as i did not keep score. I only remember i had needle marks on the crease of my hand like a drug-junkie back then.

I know how precious blood is and now that i felt good with my newly found blood-iron level, i believe this is a call to give back to and be grateful for my return of good condition.
With Hng, my colleague. The pics above is him being poked.
So, if you chance upon a call to donate blood, don't fret, the whole process won't take more than 15minutes (45 if you donate plasma) and it is painless. You will feel more pain when they lancet your fingers to find your blood group and when they apply anaesthetic via a smaller needle.

And as for the race portion, you can fill it up like how i did below.
Unite my fellow Malaysians!


  1. Hey, didn't know you are a fellow TARcian. I left 1992. Too long ago.

    Glad to know that one of the TARCian is an Ironman. cool.

    Started my blood donation tradition/habit since college time too. but stop for a while. Maybe I should resume after reading your blog.

  2. Not very long bro. I left in 96 from SOT.

    It is always good to see how the Tarcians even use blood donation as an activity beyond L-block, canteen and lecture hall. Lol!

    Looked like we git more in common than just sports and collegemate as you also enjoy cooking!

  3. don't forget the yum yum tree :) where the romance blossom. except for those geeks from SAS like me. :)

    yeah, cooking is fun and calming

  4. Omigod! that's one mean looking needle!

  5. TWS - :D you bet, when i took the pic also i cringe...

  6. there are bigger needles. :p

    don't worry stupe, the 'race' is purely statistic for blood banks to use to target communities where people donate most. blood bank people all they care about is getting as much blood as possible.

    when giving blood, it's a blind process. colour-blind la at least. what matters most is that the blood passes screening.

  7. Doc - i figure that it was mainly for stats too, perhaps, what can really help is to put a statement in the form "purely for statisical only" or create extra box called "1Malaysia"

  8. I love your post here! :-) You're the second TARCian I know who's faithfully donating blood. Good on TAR College for inspiring their students towards this end.

    We're having a blood donation drive at my parish (Church of St Francis Xavier, 135, Jalan Gasing Petaling Jaya) this Sunday - March 6, from 7.30am-1.30pm. It's on 2nd floor, Loyola Hall.

    Please do come along and bring your friends along for this too.
    :-) Thnaks.

  9. I donate too, & it's hard to do. The money is not as much as I'd like but it's better than NOTHING ! Is it ok if I discuss same subject w/ the help of one of your pictures in my blog. If not, let me know.
    But I like your blog and will follow it.
    A new reader

  10. Chicago Wing - ur blog url pls :) thanks for dropping by and dont forget to credit me for the pic.