Monday, November 08, 2010

Ocean Potion Sunblock

Lovely imprint of my IM2010 race number due to 12hours of sun exposure.
I love my tans. Those who know me via this blog or in person would know I am a ferocious sun-seeker. I am blessed with creamy white skin that tans easily and they will “regenerate” and become creamy white again after a month or two. Having this combo of “liking tan vs. getting fair” is pretty irritating as that would meant I need to spend more time out under the sun just to maintain those tan.
However, with the increased awareness of skin cancer and pigmentation due to overexposure to the sun, I have been asked by wifey to consider some level of protection.
Here is the truth. I hate sunblock. It reminds me of those sticky chemical liquid one smear over their skin. Add that with sweat, you get a sticky feeling and if applied over the face, it gets into your eyes and blind you.
Not forgetting you will smell like a badly cooked meal.
Over the years, I’ve tested and applied sunblock on my skin. When it first happened, it was like a “coming of age” thingy. It is like wearing your first jeans (and not pants, felt like a rebel at 15). Having allowed to put sunblock meant parents’ consent for you to be at the beach!
A few days ago, I put an update on my Facebook and asked my friends what type of sunblock they use. Most came back with the usual expected brand. Even myself has been using one with super ultra high SPF of 120! The only reason why I like it is because it is water based and non-greasy.
Sexy hairy thigh with nice sexier tan line
Of course there are other ways of blocking off the sun if usages of sunblocks are not preferred. Just like Uncle Rahim in the photo below, he uses arm socks that provide protection as well. I am no fan of restrictive clothing and I don’t think I can cycle with long sleeves or with long tights.
Well, unless I have hair as nice and thick as this fler here
So, my status update in FB sort of landed me a job to review a new sunblock. I have not heard of Ocean Potion before until today. I then consulted my best friend, Mr. Google, and found out heaps about Ocean Potion.
Ocean Potion is one of the fastest growing sun and skin care products from Florida, USA. Founded in 1989, they now have a complete range of in-house product and even packaging. It is common to see most of the sunblock lotions available in the market to claim to originate from the country of origin, only to be made and packaged somewhere else.
Ocean Potion claim to be produced and packed in the USA, fully!
Per reported by Malaysian Cancer Statistics, in 2006 alone, there was 531 new cases reported for skin cancer. There is no indication how many that wasn’t reported and we all know as Malaysians (or human), we are always in denial!
So, it does come as some sort of assurance that Ocean Potion sun care line is endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation (in the USA) as effective sunscreen.
In Malaysia, Ocean Potion is very new. They were introduced in the market end of 2009 and in less than a year, have established a chain of network that sells their products in most, if not all golf clubs or specialty shops. They are now available in Watson and major pharmacies in the country too.
Ocean Potion Marketing Manager, Jadelyn Goh (whom I met) believes that the line of products has great potential with their broad range of products that fits any lifestyle and skin type. The pricing structure that was shared with me was very affordable and on par, if not cheaper (by volume and functions) that major brand or competitors.
During the product briefing at their office in Petaling Jaya, I had a first chance to see and test their product up close. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. You all know by now that I use the SPF120 water based sunblock and the only reason was because it was non-greasy and with little fragrant. The pricing of this particular red bottle that looked like an oversized correction pen is also on the high side (by volume).
I found out that Ocean Potion products are also easy to apply, subtly fragrant and GREASY feeling free! They are also easy to apply. The non-greasy feeling was because Ocean Potion products have no mineral oil or any petroleum by product in them like the other non-water based sunblock.

I was given, or selectively given products based on my activity and how relevant it is to my lifestyle.
Sports SPF 50 comes in bright orange color (that I can color coordinate with my Ordu, my Spanish Girlfriend). It comes in a tube of 1.5oz(RM12.80) or 8oz(RM42.80). I was given the smaller portion to test out.
On top of that, I was also given the face Dab-On with SPF50+. This one comes in a convenient tube that carries 0.65oz(RM18.80) of sunblock in it. It is bright yellow in color and it is easy to keep/stow away even in my bike jersey’s pocket without sticking out (and blowing my cover of being a metrosexual biker???)
I applied both before the ride in the morning last Saturday. Plan was to ride from Ulu Kelang to Genting Sempah and back. A decent 65km distance over undulating hills and roads. I love Genting Sempah and the sun was just terrific that day to test out the sunblock.
Evenly tanned shoulder and arms!
 The lotion stayed on and without any greasy feeling when I sweat. In fact, I did not feel that my skin felt “clogged”. It "breathes" easily without any feeling that the sweat was struggling to come out.
The Dab-On was most useful as it could be applied with one hand. I am not one person that would take both hands away from the handlebar, so, having something that my fingers or hand won’t come in contact with and can be applied to the face is definitely good!
Maybe it helps as I was cycling less than 20km/h up Genting Sempah? :D
By the end of the ride, I still felt the lotion to be working. No greasy feeling and I did not smell like some badly grilled meat. It did not stain my bike jerseys or leave marks on the bike from the sweat that drips down onto the bike. I say this is good!
I am someone that do not put on sunblock when I do any outdoor activities, so having to test this product to know how it feel/work is a good indication I will be using it until my stocks finish!
Then I have to buy it la.
Because of the advantage of having a family, I was also given two other products to test (on them family).
The Kids Spray SPF50 comes in 6oz (RM36.80) is a quick drying sunblock spray that is also non-greasy and has no petroleum or mineral oil in them. The Kids spray actually smells nice. It smells of Watermelon though subtlety and leave no marks behind. I smeared the sunblock after spraying and it dries up pretty fast without any oily feeling.
And tested on the kids during Sunday Terry Fox run, they absolutely love it!
The last item that was given to me was the Face Potion with SPF45+ in 1oz(RM18.80) that was essentially Zinc Oxide cream (that starts off as white and turns transparent after application on the face). Wifey tried it and also feedback the same thing that it did not felt greasy or has any heavy smell or most importantly, staining like how zinc oxide cream would. We used a lot of this cream as nappy rash cream and usually get them from doctors. Surfers usually use these a lot as well on their face (particularly nose) for the superior sunblocking properties. So, to be able to use zinc oxide and not look like you are trying to put on all the wrong “whitening” foundation, helps, fashion wise!
Ocean Potion-ed!
Thank you to Ocean Potion for the opportunity and thank you Trinity Mercantile to bring in these awesome sunblocks.
There are a whole range which I only saw, but has no privy to test them out. The Face/Lips range, which also include Lip Potion and even Dab-On for kids.
The General sunblock, that ranges from SPF30 to SPF50+ and a H2O spray (for ultimate water protection).
They even have the Anti-Aging sunblock that has protection from SPF15 to SPF70! I supposed these anti-aging would be good to be used with make up too. Most expensive of the Anti-Aging range is actually the SPF70 which comes in 3oz size at RM30.80 (RM/oz price ratio wise).
They have other ranges for Kids as well and even a full range of Tanning lotion that is also petroleum/mineral oil free. It also promises it would not stain your bikini or your towel!
And to top it off, they have a range of after sun-care products which are aloe vera based. It also has the moisturizing lotion to complete it all!
Ocean Potion range could be found in Watson’s, selected pharmacies and sport clubs, and also specialty outlet. They also have a Facebook page where you can find more of their range and they have a giveaway too! So, add them into your list of “friend” and hope to be one of the many lucky winners!
Ocean Potion is carried by Trinity Mercantile. I found out that they have a range of organic baby products called Nature’s Baby Organics and a range of organic shampoo and conditioner called Organix. Both these products are from USA (produced and packed). The only none-US product they have is a foot therapy bag which promises smooth and soft feet called BeautyFoot. They even have the famed Chong (as in Pamela and Vanessa of the Amazing Race Asia) as the spokesperson.

As for Ocean Potion, Myself and wifey will be using it again this weekend during the Powerman race. :)


  1. "Here is the truth. I hate sunblock. It reminds me of those sticky chemical liquid one smear over their skin. Add that with sweat, you get a sticky feeling and if applied over the face, it gets into your eyes and blind you. Not forgetting you will smell like a badly cooked meal."

    Agreed. Smearing that greasy stuff all over my body gives me the feeling I get from my lips when I put on my mom's lipstick for a kindergarten performance back when I was 6. That's why I hate lip balms too. No kidding.

    And thank you for the Ocean Potion writeup. It's good to know that not all sunblocks are the same. I will give the brand a try the next time when situations call for it.

  2. KevL - it is an opportunity to give unbiased reporting that attracts me most. I am selective when i am given an item to try and i am glad this one live up to the name.

    I will be using this during Powerman this coming weekend and should be able to see it working as expected again, knowing how hot lumut could get.


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