Monday, January 31, 2011

Kiara#1 Jan 2011

RoLance LegStrong told me that i am lucky to be staying so near to Kiara. I concur. He then asked me why am i NOT riding Kiara. I concur too.
I am not a technical rider. I can't ride over tree roots and stumps, let alone soft ground with soil that sinks your wheels in.
I can't climb on switchbacks and i have bad MTB that do not change gear when it have to and needed to.
As fate has it, my days of telling RoLance (real name : Roland. The moniker was given as he is as strong as Lance Armstrong) i will ride Kiara with him came. Fresh from my ride yesterday at the KLMBH ride 196, i was gonna use the excuse that i am tired and won't ride.
With SAC coming close and the pressure mounting to be able to be a more wholesome rider on both XC and technical trail, i decided to just go ahead.
I pedalled from home and met Roland at the park. We started immediately and the plan was to do Twin Peak trail and then the 2K loop.
It was the Kiara-fright and i kept dismounting and pushed the bike the first 500m. I was unable to ride over the terrains and it was a bit disheartening to see Roland doing it really well.
Slowly, i gained more confidence and i started to ride more climbs and over more ruts. Upon reaching Twin Peak, we took 5 and just chatted. Then it was downhill all the way before we went into another route(can't recall) and then the 2K loop before exiting back to the car park the way we came.
I rode close to 80% of the trail and i am pretty happy about it. Not great, but happy. This mark my return to Kiara perhaps.
Thanks for the ride Rolance!

Week 5: Jan 31, 2011
Distance : 17km (home - Kiara - Kiara Loop - Home)
Time: 1:30mins
HR range :90%~95% maxHR.
Average pace : Did Not Check Meter.
2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 20.6km

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