Monday, January 31, 2011


It was a good weekend. I joined the KLMBH #196 ride to RRI from Ara Damansara/Tropicana.

It promised a 32km worth of cross country or XC ride through RRI. What make this ride extra special is because this could be the last time anyone will be able to ride in this pristine area.

Yes, you read me right. Development will take over this place. SAD.

Thanks to RRI and KLMBH committee, we were allowed to ride in this area before it all goes to the dog (and development to the dogs' pocket).
The ride attracted closed to 300 riders and most opted for the LONG ride of 32km. There is a 16km Scenic route that would break up some sweat too. Good for beginners and kids.
My ride was with Bandit and Adeline. It is also my second Hash and Adeline's first. With XC trail, the route would be gentler on beginners like myself. So this is perfect to Adeline too.
We started the ride at 8am sharp and it started to drizzle (little did we know, it was to be the EPIC rain of January 2011).
We goof around and basically had fun. There are fast flats and good climbs. There was also two downhill route that promises to please those that wants a bit more adrenalin.
By virtue of riding in a rubber plantation, it is important that the hashers go prepared for biological war. I bought a mozzie coil holder and strapped it to my bag. It was epic failure too as it rained the whole day and the coil was soaked in rain water.
I lost count how many mozzie bites that has landed on my butt and thighs...through my cycling shorts!
The route and trail was sort of damaged because of the downpour and that pretty much sealed the fate of how we are to approach any downhills.

On The Butt.
Or Face.
We had fun. The amount of muck thrown at us (from the tires) and the speed on the fast flat literally made us very dirty.
And lets not even see how dirty we were!
The ride took us about 4hours of slow and easy ride through the pristine RRI. There is no rush really.
Week 4: Jan 30, 2011
Distance : 29.98km
Time: 4:37mins
HR range :85%~95% maxHR.
Average pace : 7:00
Along the way, we met many riders and it was certainly a place to know some riding friends. While those faster riders (read : fitter) are long gone within 5 minutes of the ride start (or a colleague actually did the Long in sub 2hours! WOW!), i took my sweet time to ride through this and put in some interval training along the way. It was well worth it.
2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 20.6km

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