Monday, January 10, 2011

Training Log : FRIM Biathlon

Showed up on Saturday at FRIM for a ride with my teammate, Bandit. We started early by any outdoor standard (at 7am) and we plan to wrap things up by 9.30am so i could go home and run some errands with my dad.

"Kam is trail running tomorrow. We push off at 7am". His sms read the day before.

With 2011 started and i have so far only clocked 10km of run in the first 7 days of the year, I can't help but felt the inadequacy of my training for anything.

As i cycled in, i saw Bandit, Kam and Rashid. Bandit was without his bike but clearly seen was his hiking sticks. I then found out that Kash will be there too. So, indirectly, i was actually going to have a Saturday workout with a bunch of SAC hopefuls.
Uh-oh...i turned up for the wrong sports!

To a certain extend i felt like a dumbo, but on the other hand, this makes perfect sense! There is a day where myself and Bandit will be required to be doing biathlon. It will be either of us on the bike while the other one runs. We know what each of us are capable off and we already started to strategize about the interval of who bike and who runs and what we will do if we meet with steep climbs or downhills.

And since paying RM3 for entry on a MTB (they have ticket for that!), i might as well enjoy it!

We headed for Steroid Hill, the famed "all the way up" trail that is about 3km from the last point that (FRIM claimed) any joggers could go.
*pic from previous FRIM session
Bandit was almost all race suited except his knee straps that he forgot to bring. With his hydration pack filled and me in my simplistic pouch and a bottle of water, we cycled (me) and ran (him) about 10km. The pace was about 8km/h and we stop every other junction to check on each other.
I used the opportunity to test my fitness level by doing interval on the trail. Sprinting up and raising my HR to close to 90% and feeling the pumping sensation in my ears. NICE!
My fitness is not up to it's mark yet, but it's a start. I have to get my fitness level up again after almost a year of none-performing in any races.
I then took a detour towards the helipad up on the hill. Many many years ago, i could cycle up this place without stopping on my old Le Run. I was not any fitter than now, but i was way lighter. That day, i had to stop twice.
*i blogged so little that i actually even mistyped my own blogname! So, have to blur the old one because i was too lazy to re-edit!

There was no shame in stopping up this climb really. But i intend to make this place as flat as an airport landing strip within the next 1 month! Just you wait Steroid Hill! I WILL MAKE YOU LOOKED KETONIC!

I reached the landing/heli pad and i am not quite sure how any helicopter can land here - not after watching many episodes of Bear Grylls!
I then made my way down to the T-junction where i met with the rest of the gang that was running trails in preparation for SAC.
Myself and Bandit then left them and went back to the RV point. It was a good workout and a "feel" of things to come for the coming months when outdoor would take precedence over usage of my roadbike. What can i say except i am back to where i started - mountainbiking!
Next weekend menu? Likely somewhere in Gombak! ;-)LONG and HARD!

2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 10km


  1. wahhh.. do double in one day outing. Guanye kwn2.. kalu mau kayuh no running or running no kayuh. Best lah dapat buat run and kayuh..


  2. Ajo - not really doing both, but more of one of us doing each...