Friday, January 21, 2011

Training Log : Run-Bike-Run Wk2&3

Training for Wifey's maiden 42km has started. It will be a slow build up towards June where she will attempt the full marathon distance during the StanChart KL Marathon. As the registration has been successfully completed, there is no reason not to train.
This also meant pressure on Wifey as her furthest distance was 21km (officially). It is also a good opportunity for me to return to my fitness level by committing myself to a standalone marathon.

Last last Saturday, we ran Kiara park in TTDI. We ran at 3pm in the afternoon when the park was almost deserted with only one or two people walking/jogging. The last time we actually ran together was Powerman in November 2010. Per plan, we were to complete 5km and that translate to 2 small loop and two bigger loop of Kiara park.

Week 2: Jan 16, 2011
Distance : 5.6km
Time: 37mins
HR range :80-85% maxHR.
Average pace : 6:30

We plan to run at least twice a week in the interim to raise up the endurance to run longer and further. LSD has been slotted in late April/May and that would very much inline for the marathon.

Yesterday was a public holiday (Thaipusam) and i rode Batu-14 to Peras via Bukit Hantu. Good workout though i struggled with the climbs. I lost my climbing legs and is still struggling to find them back.
I have ridden Hulu Langat many times but this is absolutely the very first time in many many years that i attempted Bukit Hantu. The climb is tougher than Genting Peras but not as steep as KM4 Genting Highland. Average speed seems to be about 9km/h-12km/h depending on your climbing prowess.
Half way during the climb, my chain has to drop off as i shifted to granny. Lost the momentum and immediately i could feel sweat and HR shot up the roof of my head as i dismounted. I took a break until Raymond came back down to check on the backmarkers (i.e. me).

Looked like Bukit Hantu will be a staple climb for me before going up Peras in the near future.
The ride was well attended by people i have never ridden before. It was called by Ray "TomatoMan" Ng. Along with us was Michelle Looi, Tony Quay, Soo Min (which happened to be a common friend with Mich and Chim), Selon Yap (which i only see in Facebook), John Wai Mun and Nik Raiha (which happens to be Jaja and Julie's friend). Yip Ultra caught us half-way up Hantu. He is fast, as usual!

We exited Jalan Hulu Langat near the dam and headed to Genting Peras, which i climbed with better than usual average compared to 1 year ago! Fingers crossed that soon i will be able to climb this hill on the large chain ring!

The return journey took us down to Batu 18 before stopping for a break at the Hainan Kopitiam at Batu 18.
And here is my breakfast

Week 3: Jan 20, 2011
Distance : 52.55km
Time: 2:37mins
HR range :80-90% maxHR.
Average pace : 20km/h

On the same day, me and wifey went for an impromptu run around the housing area. Not the best run as we both struggled to complete the 5km.

Week 3: Jan 20, 2011
Distance : 5.0km
Time: 36mins
HR range :75-80% maxHR.
Average pace : 6:30

Fingers crossed, we will run tomorrow, 10km, hopefully.

2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 20.6km

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