Monday, January 31, 2011

Ocean Potion Malaysia Fun In Sun Contest

I did a review on Ocean Potion sunblocks about 2 months ago and i can vouch for their non-mineral oil/petroleum sunblock.

Now, Ocean Potion Malaysia is running a Photo Contest and the prizes are up to RM10,000 in total!
All you need to do is to "LIKE" the page here : OCEAN POTION MALAYSIA FACEBOOK PAGE

And then, you post your photo, get your friends to LIKE your photos and the most numbers of votes will WIN!

For your friends to LIKE the photo, they have to LIKE the OCEAN POTION FB page as well. It is a simple exercise and i have since joined the contest.

DO help me to LIKE my photo here
Today rained the whole day and while many think that they do not need any sunblock while out in the rain would be wrong. UV ray still penetrate through and you will expose yourself to them!

So, do yourself a favor, slap on those sunblocks (Ocean Potion is recommended) and go out and have fun! I know myself, Adeline and Azly did!

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