Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homemade Eggtart In Filo Pastries

Remember the giant eggtart we made a couple of weeks ago?
Makes you hungry, isn't it?
Now, two days ago, wifey decided to try making another batch and modified from the first attempt. This time around, we decided to make them a bit simpler and use filo pastry (for lightness), ONLY egg yolks and less sugar. We decided to make these in the muffin trays (12 muffins). We initially made what we thought enough for 12 tarts - only to find out that our tarts are much bigger...and require double the recipe...
For Pastries
Pampas Filo Pastries - can be bought at supermarket. Only reason for this is that this brand and type uses no margarine as their ingredient as opposed to other type such as puff pastries. We cut the pastries to strip of 1.5inches by 3inches.
For Filling
6 egg yolks (we kept the egg white for dinner later)
200ml full cream milk
200ml whipping cream
2 tablespoon sugar
6 teaspoon all purpose flour
It's straight forward and the photos below show it all.
First, measure the milk and whipping cream. 200ml each.

Then heat it up on low heat. Keep stirring so it won't get burnt.
Then pour in the sugar into the milk as it is being heated.

While the milk is being heated up, line the muffin tray with the filo pastries. Yes, it will be a bit ugly. But it's character (:P)
 Then, make sure the egg yolks are ready. And the flour within reach.
Let the milk cool down to touch and then add in the yolks and put in the flour. Mix them up well and fast to avoid the yolk being cooked in the warm milk.
Then, take a sieve and pour the content into something. In this case, we use the container that we used to measure the liquid.
Pour and divide the filling into each pastry. Half way through is good as the content will rise a few more millimeters.
 Now, heat up the oven. 180degree C and get ready to pop in the tarts.

Bake for 35minutes. The tarts will shake a bit even at 35mins. Avoid overcooking or you will lose the smoothness.
After 35mins, take it out and let it cool. Resist the urge to take one and eat right away. A burnt tongue is not a happy tongue (but if you still do, practice some common sense ya, blow the tarts. OK, that sound wrong too)
 Need we say more?
Enjoy the crispy filo pastries that is light and the filling that literally melts in your mouth. :) We know we did.
Estimated calories
This will be an easy one. With just the basic ingredient with the milk, whipping cream and yolks to be the main ingredient, it works out to be about 180kcal (milk), 250kcal (whipping cream), 330kcal (yolks), 60kcal (flour) and 300kcal (estimated 4 sheets or 100grams). This added up to be 1120kcal and divided by 12 tarts gives 93kcal each. Lets just round it up to 110kcal as we lined the bottom of the tart pan with some butter. At 110kcal, i would say this is a bargain and there is only good stuff in the tarts! Happy trying!

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