Friday, January 11, 2013

Yummylicious Homemade Egg Tart

This is a second recipe sharing of the week. Today, we are sharing our first attempt making one of many people's comfort food - egg tarts. We all love egg tarts; and it is often difficult to find a good one. After making one ourselves, we found out a few things - and suddenly, buying those egg tarts aren't very appetising anymore. Read on.
What You Need (serves 6  in one tart pan)
For Pastry:
4 tablespoon butter (not margarine or pseudo-butter please)
1 Cup all purpose flour (again, we used organic flour)
1 egg yolk (from a large egg, either A or AA)
If you like your pastry to be sweet (aha, now you know why egg tarts outside has sweet pastries), use about 1teaspoon of superfine sugar. This is optional and can be skipped if you want this to be sugar (almost) free.
For the Fillings:
1.25 cup milk (we use full cream made from MILK only)
2 large eggs and 1 egg yolk (Next round i put in 3 full eggs)
1-2 tablespoon sugar (depending on your liking, we put in 2, it was a bit sweet)
As we do not have individual egg tarts pan, we decided to make ONE large egg tart. Start by mixing the butter with the flour and mix it until it resemble bread crumbs.
For the Pastry
Then, add the eggs, sugar (if you want) and slowly add in water little by little until you get a soft pliable dough.
Wifey, you got wash hand ah?
You then knead it and wrap it up (or leave it in the mixing bowl) and cover it (with a wet cloth or microwave plastic, and place it in the fridge for 30minutes.
Careful not to add water all at the same time. This is how the pastry should look like
After 30minutes, remove the pastry from the fridge and roll it on a lightly flour surface or rolling surface. Place the pastry into the lightly buttered (greased) tart pan and shape it according to the pan's indention (if any). Return the pastry into the fridge to chill. This is a good time to start heating up your oven to 200degree C.
Massaging the Pastry.
Now, it is time to prepare the filling. First, beat the eggs and egg yolk with the sugar in a mixing bowl and set it aside. Then warm the milk in a saucepan over low heat and keep stirring to prevent the milk from burning.
Full cream milk makes them yummier
Once the milk is warm (i.e. to touch), pour it into the mixing bowl with the eggs and sugar and mix it until well blended. Careful not to get the milk too hot as it will "cook" the eggs. You wouldn't want lumpy fillings, ain't it? However, if that happen, don't fret. Use a sieve and pour the mixture into the pastry prepared earlier. We sprinkled some nutmeg powder on top, just for taste.
Careful...steady hands...
Pop in the tart into the oven for 15minutes (at 200degree C) and then bake for another 30minutes at 160degree C.
Can't wait...
After 45minutes, this is what we got coming out of the oven.
Let the tart cool down and happy eating! You can serve this hot or cold. We would rather it to be just nice aka warm. :)
A Big Piece For A Big Man?
If you noticed above, the tart filling was surprisingly white. We were half expecting it to be yellow or orange. Now, here is some truth in the commercially available tarts - the sunset yellow or orange coloring are used in abundance for that signature color. At 1 tablespoon of sugar, the filling was actually sweet. Imagine what you will get outside to compensate for the lack of taste. 2 full eggs and one egg yolk is insufficient for the "egg tart" taste. More will go in the next round.
Nutritional Info
I estimate this to be circa 1400 kcal per tart (a 8-inch tart pan). Divide this to serve six, each serving will be 250kcal max. It has an estimated Carb-Protien-Fat ratio of 60-30-10 and i say this is a healthy dessert provided no shortening or excessive sugar are used to prepare this. Eat on!


  1. Boss man, maybe Boss lady would like to try out some of the below suggestion?

    1. Replace some All Purpose Flour with Whole Wheat flour. This will make things healthier for you.
    2. When rolling the pastry out, it's easier to do so in between 2 pieces of greased paper. That way it's easier to transfer into the mould.
    3. When preparing the custard, if you like the vanilla flavor, you can put in a vanilla pod to perfume your custard and remove before baking.


    1. Tan Sri Elvin
      1. Opted for all purpose because we have a few bags. It's organic flour, not white, brownish.
      2. Our kitchen top has been seasoned. The pastry not sticky. :D
      3. Oh yes, this one experimental, next will be something different, like cheddar to make them savoury.

      :) thanks for the awesome sharing.

  2. More like an egg pie for me... Nonetheless, it still looks superbly scrumptious for me... My goodness... Drooling like a mad dog already... LOL! My all time fave's!!! =D``

    1. hehe...don't have a proper tart holder, but whatever can lah! Glad you like it!