Thursday, January 24, 2013

Xterra Malaysia : Important Event Updates

Two important updates from the organiser of Xterra Malaysia over the past 3 weeks. The first one was the dispute with the entrance fee that discriminate expatriates that (legitimately) works and stay in Malaysia. The organisers agreed that it was only fair to allow the expats to sign up at the same rate as fellow Malaysians. Kudos to that!
Nice touch
I believe the organiser has won over a few support from the expats community that does local races. I personally know many of them and the sincerity of the organiser listening to the grouses was cookie point in my opinion. 
PayPal, Credit Card or Cash?
With the popularity of the Xterra branding being known by more people, with many not owning credit card or a PayPal account, the organiser has shown understanding by providing an option to register "offline and pay in cash". This was announced at the Xterra Facebook page on January 22, 2013.
No more excuse NOT to register
Extra Goodies
As Xterra involve offroad biking or more aptly known as mountainbiking, Xterra Malaysia has teamed up with Zero-To-Hero Zero2Hero to provide discounted prices on learning to ride a mountain bike the correct way. This was shared with me just two days ago by the organisers :

To prepare for your dirty weekend of adventure and perform to your best, simply click on the link below to book your Mountain Bike Skills coaching day.  
For those who had already registered for this exciting event, you are now are entitle to register for a MAD day (Mountain Bike Adrenaline Day)!
Just enter the coupon code [ xterra1 ] and you will receive a MASSIVE XTERRA Family style discount! Pay only RM80 for a MAD day instead of the normal retail of RM299!
Be coached by the best Mountain Bike riders and coaches in Asia and lift your racing performance and skills to new levels
Now go and get DIRTY! 
Click on  and register for your MAD (Mountain Bike Adrenaline Day) now!

Update: Read about my MAD here

Stay tuned to this blog as I bring you all more updates as the race organiser shares them with me. Race route? I was told it has already been identified and I could be one of those lucky one to be able to "test" the offroad section and feedback to all of you. 
Meanwhile - Keep training and getting dirty!

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