Friday, January 25, 2013

Save Bukit Kiara : Thunder Valley Gone

Received a sad update from a few friends that has went to the other end of Bukit Kiara. A lesser known trail, but popular with a few groups of hardcore mountain bikers known as Thunder Valley has been destroyed.
Photo from KLMBH Facebook
Yes folks, Bukit Kiara is NOT just confined to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail area. It starts from TTDI and stretch all the way to Segambut Dalam and Mont Kiara on the northeast-east, Hartamas to Bukit Damansara on the east-southeast, With TTDI area dominating the south-west portion and Kampung Sungai Pencala towards Sg. Buluh/Kepong on the west-north portion.
Full resolution thanks to KLMBH Website here
So, where is Thunder Valley? Now, before you find out where Thunder Valley is, perhaps it's time for some "history" lesson on how the name was derived. A good buddy of mine, which a group of us nickname "King" has this to share on the FB.
Hand built you ask? Yes. Why do you think we are passionate of protecting Kiara?
Thunder Valley is the northern most part of Bukit Kiara - the part where it almost reach the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) with Desa Park City on the left. Yes, Bukit Kiara is that big!
The 3rd Peak is situated here
Google Map already shown development encroaching Thunder Valley
Now you know the extend of the damages that could be done by greed. This upper portion should belong to some developers out to build more home and market it as "eco-friendly" and promising a "jungle living in the comfort of the city". Go figure.
If you have not signed the petition to "Save Bukit Kiara", perhaps, it's about time you do this before witnessing more damages to be done when Berjaya Group starts their planned development in Bukit Kiara! Stop them!

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