Thursday, September 19, 2013

Laptop Crashes and Data Losses

My (work) PC crashed and the HDD went *Bad sector* all the way. This is a 5-months old laptop that is supposed to be meant for business. Many of you that know how i update my blog would also know that I usually does it in a Office document before I cut&paste it into the blogger. Something I've learnt to do to be more secured due to a few mishap that happened over the past years of post going missing because of the itchy finger pressing "back" button on the browser thinking it will...well...undo a mistake.

As luck has it, I have 3 postings that was prepared in the laptop and it has now went to lost-data heaven that will not see the light of days. I've also lost all superb videos (recording using Adixxion XA1) of me running in Kiara with Charles Frew, bumping into Shang, JP, KL and Scott. The most painful is losing images of the brand new Skechers GoBionicTrail. This is 3-days worth of material.

If that wasn't painful enough, my work that I did for this weekend's Garmin Fitness roadshow also went kaput - saved only by the last copy I shared with the team for their comments. 

How About Work
I've made good habit of utilising only the company's server to store work and not in designated Laptop. I may have lost some good stuff that I worked on the past 3 days (weekend) before this mishap. But luckily, the major part of it is in the office server. Because I have my timeline all set up like clockwork, I can't stop for anything and thus, the blog will see some state of neglect until I normalise it by this weekend. Work has to go on, as that is what pay my bills and feed the family. 

I have a good habit of keeping my important files in check. I have two hard disk that I utilise to backup periodically and I sync my files in "cloud" storage. However, as some of these are not readily available due to slower Internet connection at home, I did lose some data there. More significantly, my records for office related administration work - which I did not update/back up.

Today, I had the laptop sent into the service centre. What the technician explained to me was baffling. In his own words:
"You shut the PC down when the HDD was running at full speed. You must follow procedure and the motherboard will send signal to the HDD to slow down".

Yes, i get your point, All I truly did was forcing a shutdown (power button 5s) as I had to rush to leave after the site meeting. If this multinational laptop can't take abuse like this...what gives?

Don't wait up. Keep moving forward. I will catch up.


  1. tri, best option is to use SSD as primary hard drives, more durable, do not suffer from HD spindle issues and failures. Albeit more expensive, does an excellent job saving data for immediate shutdown or reboot. that is why macbook airs are the best laptops out there.
    I have been on MBa for 4 years and no regrets , also a dropbox mirror of your entire main folder is advisable.
    just my 2 cents

    1. Selvenlyn - I know. Unfortunately it's office laptop. Nothing much I can do. Now will make sure I power down correctly. Also, I got a 1TB hdd and will use that for my primary work. WIll also partition it so in case anything happen...

      thanks for the tips. Very very useful.

  2. Setup dropbox to backup your data bro. Sayanglah, cannot see the video the day you bumped into us. LOL!

    1. Office don't allow dropbox...:? yeap...all the vid taken on that 3 days in Kiara...gone!

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