Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Review : Hammer Nutrition By 2ndSkin Team Principal

Race nutrition has always been tricky, at least for me. Not only are they expensive, some are just plain sugar that offers nothing but the butt-dyno equivalent of car modification. In short, they boost your confidence by making you feel faster and stronger.

Then it wears out and you wondered why in the first place you spent that much to get....nothing.

I have been a clean food/health/lifestyle changed person. Even before that, I've tried to "make it clean" by making my own sports gel. It worked fine but there is always the need to prepare it in bulk or risking it to spoilt by prolonged storing. Plus, I am train on empty

Then the opportunity came with the sponsorship and collaboration with 2ndSkin and Hammer Nutrition. My first encounter with Hammer product. 
I was skeptical and was hawking the ingredient like how some would brand me as a #fitnessnazi on twitter. But the encounter couldn't be any I find myself to actually agreeing to Hammer Nutrition as it has proven to work for me on more than just three occasions.
Endurolytes Caps. Cramp management.

Hash Challenge 2013. 
Sabah Adventure Challenge 2013.
Xterra 2013.
PD Triathlon 2013.

And these are just example of races that I used Hammer exclusively.

Hammer Bar is something that I always have ONE inside my office drawer for those days when I really need to take something to eat, usually happen a day after a hard workout; or even as my recovery food immediately after a hard run. 

I am recording my thanks here to both Liz and Scott for the opportunity to try and (happily accepting) the conversion to Hammer Nutrition as my preferred race and training fuel. Not only advices were shared freely, their passion for the sports and fuelling right for optimum condition says a lot about Hammer's commitment and their (Liz and Scott) knowledge about the products. I've learnt a lot and I've shared with all of you here.

But I guess you all might had heard enough from me on Hammer Nutrition, how about hearing it from another user - My team principal for Team 2ndSkin, Eugene Teoh. This is his write up ahead of The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT) 2013 Ultra Trail Marathon.

Time To Lay The Hammer Done - Eugene Teoh
Nutrition pre, during and post-race or event is one of the hardest things to get right. There are so many variables involved that all your hard training and mileage could go down the drain if you don’t get the nutrition and refuelling part right. What should you take; when should you take it; how much should you eat or drink? How much is enough? Gel or solids? Water, isotonic or electrolytes?

Just thinking about it gives you more headache than going out and hitting the road in your running shoes.
Team 2ndskin and Hammer Nutrition
Some of the Hammer Nutrition product line-up

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  1. Tried the solid fuel. Endurolytes pills too during RJM.

    Not bad

  2. Why not try chia seeds. They are enormous power in a small package.

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog and it's been a great help in my training (mostly running). I know you been using Hammers products. For me, I primarily use Hammer gel for my fueling needs and recently started using Endurolytes. I can't seem to find a place that sells the full range of Hammer products, like Perpetuam Solids or Anti-Fatigue which you used in your workouts and races. Appreciate it if you can share where can I get them.

    1. Hi J,
      These products are usually pre-ordered from the place you buy the Hammer Gel. However, I've not made it publicly known that you can get them through me as well, as I stock up directly from the distributor. I buy my race nutrition from them, so I get these products and more more readily. let me know. im at tristupe dot com.