Monday, September 09, 2013

Mission for Missing Children (MfMC) Cycling Jersey and Bib Pre-Order

About a year ago, I've written about Mission for Missing Children (MfMC). The movement is still very much alive and they have been doing good work promoting safety for children and for parents. 
Recently, I was re-engaged by the group asking if I will help to spread updates on what has been happening with their group and also their latest effort. Being a young father (as in with a young family). MfMC is currently trying continously raising awareness on missing child and this time, they are doing so by to raise some funds by selling cycling jerseys and cycling bibs (aka shorts). This is their sharing/write up. Do support if you can. The manufacturer is Endurance and my recent engagement in another charity event linked me up with them as one of the sponsors. I was told by the principal of Endurance that their padding's are top-notch branded gel material from Topeak. So, you are getting a good deal here.
Message from MfMC Committees and Pledge for Support
MfMC is a group of amateur marathoners, cyclists, triathletes, mount climbers and parents who are concerned with the repeated cases of missing children. Doing the activities for a cause now, the aim is to be proactive in dealing with the issue of missing children by promoting the awareness on children's safety through participated/organised events. MfMC is a self-funded and non-profit group. We believe in "prevention is better than cure".

Among our approaches to promote our cause, we constantly share information and tips on children's safety through: 

1. Social media such as: -
B) twitter @MfMChildren
D) newsletter

2. participating in/organising various sporting/outdoor events

3. Meet and distribute pamphlets to the society.

On top of what we have done as mentioned above, we have decided to come out with our own cycling jersey. It is our hope that we are able to further promote our cause through our cycling jersey now that more people will be aware about MfMC which will then lead them to have more information about children's safety.

Therefore, we call upon cyclists out there to support our cause by purchasing MfMC's cycling jersey. Everytime you wear MfMC's jersey, you are in fact helping to promote the message on the importance of children's safety. That is why your contribution matters to our cause. 
Cycling Jersey. Click Here for full resolution
Bib/Cycling shorts/Tights. Click image for full resolution
MfMC's jersey and bib set costs RM270 (half gel padding) which comes with MfMC's t-shirt.

However, if you wish to just buy the t-shirt, you pay only RM60.
T-shirt in quick dry material. Click image for full resolution
It is important to note that as we are self-funded and non-profit, we are not making profit from the sales of the jersey and t-shirt.

Those who are interested to buy, you may pay deposit of RM100 no later than 16th September 2013 by crediting the desposit into Maybank account 501543107114 (Mohd Khafiz Bin Bachok). Please provide deposit slip and your details purchase by emailing to us at

For the sizing chart, please see the two photos below
Sizing for Jersey and Bib
Sizing for T-shirt
Let's support Mission for Missing Children. Together we can make a difference.

Thanking you in advance.

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