Friday, December 13, 2013

Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya Relay Talent Match

As many of you following the Ironman Malaysia event knows, one of the happening is the Triathlon Relay which allow two or three individuals to form a team and race it as one. The combination allows everyone a chance to experience multi-sports in their area of comfort which meant if you can't Swim, you can Bike and Run. Or you do not have a Bike, so you can Swim and Run. Or you are a super strong individually and wants to compete on those terms to see how and where you stand compared to international world class triathletes.
Seri Wawasan Bridge. Swim turn is right at this bridge. Photo from
An effort by Athlete Circle to encourage more to join has seen the creation of a Facebook Event page where you can try to find your match or "best talent for the job" scenario. Head over to the Event Page and start searching.

To cut and paste directly, this is what it said, in the most simple term.
If you are keen to take part in the team event for Ironman Putrajaya 70.3 (April 13, 2014) but you do not have enough team members, here's a great place for you to shout out for potential team members.

Terms and conditions:
1) We are not responsible to pair or match any team members to your requirements. This is just a platform for you to advertise your talent and availability or request for other's support.
2) We encourage you to NOT reveal your full details such as phone number, email or address here. Just request interested parties to PM you directly.
3) We are not responsible for any issues between team members found through this platform.
4) We encourage you to meet up face to face with all team members and have sufficient understanding on each other's capabilities before committing into a team.
5) We do not allow any profanity or racist remarks or any remarks or statement that is deemed offensive and rude or irrelevant to the purpose of this page. Such posts will be removed.
6) We do not endorse any commercial transaction or any monetary dealings in the offering of your support as a team member.

For more information on the Team Relay event in Ironman Putrajaya 70.3 2014, please go to

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