Friday, December 20, 2013

Xterra Malaysia 2014 Family Event

In keeping with XTERRA traditions and their official World Championship age groupings (that start at 15) earlier on this year, Xterra tried to introduce a family element to XTERRA event. This resulted in a father and his son getting the opportunity to race in Maui and with such a successful start Xterra Malaysia decided to expanded the category of races they offer to family members in 2014 to build upon this success.
For the first time ever, aiming to encourage the younger participants (officially), a few age group for those under 15 years old has been created.

The "new" age group include those Under 9 (U9), Under 12 (U12) and Under 15 (U15).

These under 15's has the change to race on BOTH days of the race on May 3 and May 4. They even have a chance to try their capability on the World Championship course but at Sprint Distance. Look and see the schedule below to appreciate what the 2014 Xterra Malaysia organiser has put into place for grass root development. This is definitely something out of the norm in my years of taking part in triathlon and duathlon. Yes, we do see a few juniors taking part, but they are competing against older age group. However, they are usually acknowledged by the race organiser and these spirit must continue to ensure continuity and growth of the sports!

11 days to end of Early Bird!
Have you registered for Xterra Teaser in February and /or the World Championship in May? If you have not, you have 11 more days to decide and race with the world best Xterra Warriors. Don't miss this chance as the next nearest country that offer this world class race will be in Australia (and that meant you will have to pay in AUD$ for lodging and everything else).
Click here to register while it's still affordable!

If any of you are wondering, catch me at the Teaser event (February) doing the 22km Trail run and Teaser Triathlon. Then I will see you at the World Championship Triathlon (May) for the Full Monty and the Family Dirty Weekend Obstacle!

I am getting the family all Dirty!


  1. Just wonder for the dualthon, the cycling part is on or off road?

    1. Hi Larry. Xterra is an offroad event (with a little road for connectivity)