Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Week 7 IMMY : Basework Done

Week 7 : 5:35 hours and only 187km
The challenge of Work-Life balance has started to creep in with Week 7 seeing a series of high-level meetings that has pushed the priority of training a bit behind. Though I did managed to not miss a session of spinning over the week, the challenge was to put in adequate running mileage. With meetings and entertaining extending over dinner time, running only happened twice in Week 7, further depriving the training and pulling the time spent and mileage clocked. 
PERHAPS, it is a good chance to rest the tired body. It was no joke, to train non-stop for the past solid 49 days. Coincidentally, I clocked a total of 49hours and 5minutes, which worked out an hour average per day. 
Onwards to Week 8 and I could sense a low-level overtraining syndrome has started to seep in. Denial is playing in my mind, but I will play it safe. A long way to go and it is really important to get out of the abyss of overtraining and move up the next level. 
High intensity focused relentless training does funny things to you.
Now bring on the next level - the Sub-40 10km will happen, soon enough.

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  1. Hi. How do you define base training? what is the difference with the trainings you are doing now? Appreciate your guidance