Friday, October 22, 2004


I was just blog hopping online. I realised that somethings i wrote was of any substance. I write. Yes. But of yesterday's news.

There wasn't anything exciting. Or Sexciting for that matters.

Sometimes, i wish, i could just leave everything i'm doing everyday behind. Just for a day.


My phone almost never stop ringing.

*private numbers* on my CLIP aren't the best thing everyday. It meant that some pesky bigger than thou so called engineer are calling you. Most probably to irritate the heck out of your fucking mind.

I was recieiving calls on the day i was registering for my marriage. For all it is worth, wifey was pretty tense up as well, as she can't believe that she is getting married.

I, for one, can't believe that the phone hasn't stop ringing.

I switched it off.

It didn't help. An hour later, barrage of SMS came in.

"Call me back or i'll ask boss to call you back" was what the pain in the arse engineer's sms said.

"where the fuck are you" echoed anohter one.

"Authority are making my life hell in this inspection", said my blurry colleague.

Heck. I sometimes dread Monday. I am even more afraid of Friday.

They call and call they will. Asking for the impossible to get the things done BY Monday.

If my fahter owns this blardy company, or my grandad(peace be with him) owns those pumps company, i would ensure that those blardy pumps are delivered to their door in the next 30 minutes.

Well, it is weekend again. And it haven't changed a thing.

Am expecting many many calls coming in tomorrow, at circa 11.30am till 1pm. And asking me to get my stuff done by Monday.


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