Thursday, October 28, 2004

Joint Pain

Did some training yesterday by myself.

Elevated the heart rate to almost 95% of my Max Heart Rate for some speed exercise, then let it fall back to about 50% of my max before pushing for the 95% again (roughly 1km of hard running, and 1km of recovery run).

It was good.

But, this morning, as i woke up, i could feel pain in my knee. Omigosh...the dreaded knee pain.

I lost weight from my previous 90kg to about 82kg now. I guess, technically, in order for me to be able to run/bike/swim ie continue to do those trialthon, i better get my weight reduced by a further 5 kg.

Seems to be an achievable feat, actually, considering that my body fat percentage is still pretty high. (LOL, whadaya expect? i'm no model!)

Anyway, a bodybuilding friend of mine reccomended me to take Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

The effective dosage per day is 1.5g and 1.2g respectively.

What these two susbstance does is to treat arthritis actually. but it is used by atheletes as a form of joint health and maintaince.

I've seen too many of my active friends busting their knees. It is no fun.

Only problem in Malaysia is that these are hard to find in normal pharmarcies. The only place i could think off is to buy it off from Weider or Shiff from Weider Shop in Sunway Pyramid.

But of course, as per usual, i will do my own research on this.

US FDA has a good write up on this.

Also, there is news report about Glucosamine, chondroitin propel natural arthritis gains published in August 2000.

And there is Consumer Report article telling the world about this drugs.

As for now, i'll keep my options open, maybe the knee pain is just because i was inactive for clsoe to 3 weeks, while my blister heals.

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