Monday, October 25, 2004


Before any of you had any funny thoughts of what i am talking about, i really meant facial, as in the beauty/grooming regime, not, well...some other *facial* you guys, or girls, (dis)like!

And also, before any of you think that i've lost my manliness by going for this facial thingy, think again, the pain and humilation sometimes are so overwhelming, it could make any Malik Noor wannabe (or Dorian Yates, even Ronnie Coleman), cringe.

Actually, this wasn't like my FIRST facial. Been at it since i was 18. Only difference this time, was that the last facial i had, was dated 8 months back. I swear it wasn't THAT long!

Went with wifey to her friend's place, where i've signed up for a package. She was surprised to see me and she was expecting for me to appear with my face full of acne, blackheads, whiteheads etc etc.

I was excited of course.

Maybe it was the feminine side of me crying out for attention again (or is that what you call, metrosexual?)

First Diagnosis. "You've grown darker, just got back from beach ah?". I replied an aye of course.

"OK, we will do a light peeling for you", she mustered through her surgery mask covered face.

At this point, i almost freaked out. SKIN PEEL? Err...HELLO? What and why in the world would i need this? I do not want my face to be some *whitening* experiment.

Somehow, i could just muster a "Yes, pls, peel it".

I felt so ashamed. My innerself conflicting with what my lips just mustered. I blame it on the estrogen in me. Or was it the oil diffusers in the room?

It was too late to say NO to the peeling anyway, as when i came to my senses, some cold paste was already all over my face.

Then i heard plastics being stretched. Those plastics that we use to cover our food with to be stored in the fridge, or to be microwaved.

Err..homocide? I guessed she sensed my insecurity. She explained that it is used to prevent the skin from drying while the solution are slowly etching my face to look like some superstar.

Yeah right.

I felt tingling sensation. Instinct told me that any tingling sensation is good. It meant that my nerves ending are still functinoning.

About 5 minutes later, she came in and removed the plastic. She wiped the face clean and she proceed to start to remove all the white/black/yellow/orange heads there was on my face. It was painful.

"Tell me if it is painful", She said.

OK, now look here lady. IF it WAS painful, I WON'T tell you. I'm a man. I am supposed to be oblivious to pain. Thank God for the wet cotton that was placed on my eye, she did not see the tears rolling down.

There wasn't very much coloured heads to be pinched in the first place. It was all over in about 10 minutes, the pinching i meant.

Then there was this mask that she put on my face. I know i fell asleep and was rudely awaken by my own snore.

2 hours and one more mask later, it was all over. i was asked to rehydrate my face skin. It is dry. That means, i could steal some of those Aesop stuff that wifey has! (Giggle)...

OKla, 150 minutes later, i looked into the mirror. Not that i noticed any differences in the skin tone, but i definately felt the benefit of the facial. My skin was so much more smoother, and i came out alive, without my face's skin peeling like some lizards we see in the 1980's show V.

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