Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oppss..he did it again...

Less than a year after the Bukit Lanjan Rockslide, now we have the Gua Tempurung Landslide.

IN the land of many Slides...and not to forget, Boleh-ness, this comes as lil surprise.

The highway owner, PLUS, should had taken all nessasary action prevent these incident from happening again.

Bukit Lanjan was kind enough not to cause any casulties.

But Gua Tempurung was less forgiving, at least one was injured and many more shocked at their luck and predictament to be so close to death itself.

One week to clear the rubble?

Well, that was what they said about Bukit Lanjan to take more than just a few weeks, which turned out to be a few months!

Of course, I can already hear what our beloved Work minister would say.

"Act of GOD!" (ok, which he didn't say this time around, but he did say...)

“You cannot say it is the design because the highway has existed for 18 years. At areas where there have been hill cutting, even though we have placed retaining walls, we can expect such incidents to happen.”

OK, 18 years, aren't the slope supposed to be stabilised by now?

“We will assess the situation and if feasible we will build the tunnel at dangerous stretches like this one. We could not do it before because it was too costly,”

Hmm...after his attempt to build a tunnel at Bukit Lanjan..looks like he wants a tunnel in Gua Tempurung!

Now, what's with our country's fetish for all thing that *slides* and all things that need to make *holes* (SMART tunnel that is causing massive problem from Kg. Pandan roundabout to Sg. Besi, and all these tunnel $hit)...

Forgot, it is all in the spirit of Malaysia (Samy) Boleyyy...

All together now... BOH...LEEYYYYYYY!!!!

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