Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yeap, He did it again!

What did i tell you?

in my posting yesterday, i qouted him as saying that it will take a week to clear the place.

Now, it will take...3 months!!!

Well done Samy!

OK, To be fair to him, there was 2 stretch of the road that will be opened, converting it into a 2 way street.

An officer from IWK this morning that i met, told me about how precarious the whole road looked, since this portion is almost at the apex of the hill, chances of you being stuck behind a 3 tonnes lorry carrying 15 tonnes of goods/stuffs are high (We are the citizen of Bolehland, Any 3 Axle vehicle could be transformed into a 4 axle to carry more goods), and it is definately not a pretty sight to be following them up the hill at 30km/h.

If the Lorry breaks down how?

Or how about those daredevil bus driver that would speed, it isn't any prettier with them tailgating you at 80km/h, knowing very well you got no where to go but up front faster, then you meet with the slow moving lorry upfront, then what?

And raining days are back again, lets hope there is no further earth movement (i bet the department in charge would had said that they have been monitoring the situation...hahahahahaha)

Well Done! Again!

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