Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Malaysia Produced Own Jet Fighters

The Ministry of Defence will be proud with the locally produced Kancil that could double up as a Jet Fighter.

Forget the Sukhoi and the F-18. This Kancil will definately out run and give the pilot a huge dog fighting advantage and in the process, save the government millions in yearly defence budget as a Kancil would only cost RM35K OTR with all the wings fitted on. This design will also make it possible to make do without any airport for take off as the Highway could be used as the landing/take off strip. Infact, it feeds on normal RON95 or even RON97 fuel and pumping it with that special variant of fuel available only at that certain petrol station would make long distance bombing mission possible.

Codenamed : Brembo Fighter

With the Huge Sticker behind the car windscreen, it is also telling the other Jets not to mess with it as it could do a Mach 3 to Stalling the plane in mid air in less than 9 seconds. This would give great advantage as the sudden stop would also allow the Kancil Jet Fighter to do a Cobra Move, previously only possible with a Su-29 Flanker and Mig-29 Fulcrum, this, they believe would also put a stop to the Mat Rempit menace as these racers will be reduced to nothing as they crashed into the rear of this Jet.

Afterburner warning up, ready to take off

Spotted in Damansara Perdana yesteray night, it was sans it's camo paintwork and was parked by the road side illegally. It did stopped a few other cars, envy of the modification and some were even seen taking pictures of the car for further R&D purposes. Suspected pixmen were most probably working with the rival car manufacturer Proton. However rumour has it that the famous UK secret services is also looking at this current genius invention.

Agent Q at work.

The next 007 will be equiped with this piece of engineering marvel. As we all know, the DB9 in Casino Royale can't even handle a sudden shift in Gs that it went flying over Eva Green as 007 slammed on the brake. This machine will put to rest all worries for the next 007 as it will be touted to be the next generation Bond car as the Agency do a lil bit more modification to make it operate under water as a submarine. Should be hard as the large wing would be used as rudder under water as well.

Imposing "Don't Mess With Me" stance

The next time you see this vehicle on the road, don't be surprised if the downforce produced will cause a crack on the road where the wheels tread on. Infact, the local council at the vicinity has already started blaming it for all the pot holes caused.

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