Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PayPerPost - Review Me Program

It is time to get paid to blog!!!

I've been a PPP convert since. OK, maybe i've only written 3 post so far and should be getting paid about USD20 ++ by the time all the post are approved. I don't just write about anything as some oppurtunities are not of my interest.

And so now, PayPerPost is pleased to announce its new Review My Post program. The Program pays you every time someone signs up and reviews a post on your blog. It's a great way to earn money while increasing the traffic and interest in your own site.

This program is open to all bloggers and is great for bloggers who aren't interested in doing sponsored posts. Bloggers can simply add this badge at the end of their post and easily earn money and build traffic with no additional effort.

So now, you too, readers that read my blog, and choose to review about what i wrote, will earn some cash for the both of us!

How is that for a change?


Bloggers can now add this badge at the end of their post and invite others to review their entries! You get paid for reviewing my post, and i get paid because you review my post! Win Win situation!

So, why wait, click on the link above or here and start earning some cash to get the things you want. Lets see if i could save enough this time around to get a road bike and the entrance fee for the Ironman Race Next year! Click Click and Review Me!

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