Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Second Cross Street, Malacca

I had this painting with me in watercolour and pen. Done by one painter decipiting Melaka back in 1986. Infact, this drawing was done in 1986 and was given to my family by a relative.

Second Cross Street, 1986. Painter Unknown

The reason why this has become today's blog entry was because i opened the picture frame last Saturday. It was infested with ants. Yeap, ants are making home in Second Cross Street.

Ants carrying their eggs elsewhere...

No wonder my toilet was infested...

The other bigger surprise was how well this frame stood the test of time, coming to 21 years this year, it was done at Taman Tun by this shop called Klassik Framer & Gallery Sdn. Bhd.

ol skool...

Even the phone number is still 6 digit! How cool is that?

But of course, to save the painting from being eaten and used as an ant home, i had to destroy the frame. No ants are hurt in the process as i removed the painting and let them all crawl out and find their new home.

So, today, i blog about it. I called Kelvin to find out what is Second Cross Street known as in today's Malacca. His first time answer was really accurate and pin point me to Jalan Hang Kasturi, near Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Spoken like a true Melaka-ian. But he did tell me that as far as he can remember, he has never used the Cross Street reference to the streets near his home.

My search in the world wide wed was somewhat not as promising, so i search for the above mentioned name PLUS Jalan Hang Kasturi and was lead to MBMB website (That's Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah). But there seems to be a confusion as to which is actually second cross street. Lorong Hang Lekiu and Lorong Hang Kasturi are both refered to as Second Cross Street as well! But i guess the more accurate representation would be the JALAN Hang Kasturi being the proper Second Cross Street.

MBMB has fully documented all the nessasary to the Melaka town. Well done.

Second Cross Street - Lorong Hang Lekiu
Third Cross Street - Lorong Hang Kasturi
And a reference of Second Cross Street as Jalan Hang Kasturi (Item 2.5.2.k)

Second Cross Street according to MBMB

The archive and reference could be obtained here, but it's in Bahasa Malaysia though, so, to tourists that chance upon my blog while searching for info on Melaka or Malacca, sorry for the unavialiable translation! But Welcome to Malaysia (heh, just doing my part for VMY 07 la!)


I've no idea who drew the above painting, but i thought i saw Yorke. Maybe it's Yoke? All in all, this is a good 21 years since it was drawn, truly priceless, to me, that is.

Oh ya, have i show all of you my collection of bus tickets from yester-years? Imagine an orgy of colours from Len Seng Bus, Tong Fong Bus, Mini Bus, Sri Jaya Bus and many others where a bus ride is only 15 sens at their cheapest! Will show you all once i snap the pic of the tickets!

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