Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Worst Modified Kenari, Ever!

Picture tells a thousand words, what more if i have two of these?

What is it with red bumper and black car?

The above picture is already worth a thousand words. The car looked great as it was zooming from behind me this morning, with all the nessasary scoop, bonnet spoiler, stainless steel grills and front bodywork, it looked promisingly well modified, from my rear view mirror.

So, never one to mess with a possible turbocharged Kenari running on a 660 cc engine, i moved aside.

Horror of i notice the rear bumper of different colour, *sports* suspension that ensure the car occupant to be bouncing inside with every available peeble on the road and best of all, twin exhaust pipe which was really, really, really, really badly, so ever badly done.

And i instantly know that this is a stock engine Kenari trying to be what it is not.

Sorry, i really couldn't resist taking this pic.

It is ok with the kickass rear lights which were tinted dark to go with the body paintwork, It is also ok to put in 15 incher rims into the car. But to NOT ENSURING THAT THE BUMPER WAS OF THE SAME COLOUR AS THE REST OF THE CAR AND WITH ONE REVERSE LIGHT MISSING....


Yeah, and it's as ugly as the font colour above.


And seriously, if you could cut part of the red bumper to accomodate the right side tailpipe, why can't you do the same to the left side tailpipe? It looked amazingly fugly. Total shame to all the car lovers out there, and an open arm to rice car criticiser like me.

The second picture tells another thousand words, but i ain't gonna go there as i don't think i could actually write any further on how ugly it was!

Just a note, if you even think that this was a replacement bumper, don't. Every single thing told me it isn't, well at least not in the most recent period of time. The number plate is not the standard type, it's the type where you pay almost RM100 for the so called stainless steel alphanumeric, consistent with the car plate up front. The exhaust can't be done like yesterday as there is visible black soot on both end of the tailpipe. But whichever mechanic that does the tailpipe, he either has a Ph.D in both automotive and physics, as he could do such ugly job with theories only known to him.

Band this car from the road, please!

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