Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Of Ryan, Kay Ren and Bandit!

Wow...times flies eh?

Dun hate me because i'm good looking...

I still recalled the moment when i first saw him last November, so tiny and wrinkly. He has grown from a 3.3kg, 53cm baby to a good 6.5kg, 63cm baby in just 89 days...and he might just be growing right before my eyes now as well!

It didn't really hit me and wifey just how much he has grown until we saw Tuck Yiew's son, Kay Ren during his fullmoon last Sunday! Congrats to both of you bro!

Baby Kay Ren

I'm sure Ryan looked this small as well, when the flannel that we used to swaddle him up could fit. We tried it again yesterday and his legs were protruding out. Then we realised we never did let him wear some of his newborn clothes anymore because the pants has became shorts and the shirts are bursting at the buttons.


Such joy.

With Chinese New Year around the corner and festivities abound, life has certainly changed since he came along. Like Shen would said, "Yesterday, the world revolves around the sun, today, it revolves around him". I can't imagine if anohter baby comes along in near future. Imagine the fun!

Time to let me and wifey takes a breather...

i'm a good boy because i don't rely on Mr. Binky...

It was also on Saturday that i bumped into a friend i've not seen for the past 15 years! My own batchmate from RMC which stays next door to where Tuck Yiew was! Asri himself is a proud father of 2, coming 3. Now, looks like i got a lot of catching up to do!

Another good news that i am dying to tell. Since it's been 3 months, i got an announcement to make.

CONGRATS to BANDIT and JAZ for the family will increase by anohter member come this August!

Amerul finally will have a brother/sister and Ryan would have anohter person to race/ride with when he grows up!

Now, i'm just waiting for Lenny to give birth come this April and see Iqbal be a dad. :)

By the way, i've registered for KLIM 2007. Will be running the full distance without proper preparation. Lets see how the power of the mind match up this time eh?

And i'm dying to get a road bike in preparation for IronMan Langkawi next year, "Get Stupe A Road Bike Fund" has only RM1 inside. I've already missed it 2 years in a row. This time around, Doc, Steve and Zabil will be doing it, again!

So, Good luck to all triatheletes that i know that will be doing this race in 11 days! They are, Doc, Steve, Zabil, Azwar, Hin Tong and Ah Thiam! Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck!

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