Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mt. Aconcagua Brief Report

Recieved an email from a fellow friend which was one of the expedition member for this climb.

Well done to all of you that made it up there!

This is his very own words.


How are you guys doing!!!!

Im in Argentina recovering from my climb.... I should be back in KL by the 9th. I cant run, maybe by ironman hopefully im okay. I got frostnip (minor frostbite) all my digits on my left feet and 3 digits on my right feet are swollen.

Dont worry, I wont loose them, but it will take at least 6 months to get the correct sensation. Nerve damage.

You can follow the climb through CLIMB WITH PRIDE-ACONCAGUA 2007

Cant wait it to be aired on Astro. We had good footage. I dont want to spoil you with details... you just have to visit that website and wait for the 2 part programme on Astro.

All I can say is that IT IS BEAUTIFUL! The drinks and the steak... oh my god!

Im awefully thin pass 5 days, now eating as much steak as I can to get back my weight!

Spent 3 days in Mendoza after the climb. Now in Buenos Aires for another 3 days to do media thinggy.

Hehehe, we appeared in local papers here! but its in spanish!

some interesthing stuff:
Climbing in a 1 meter deep soft powder snow on a 15 hour summit push is NO JOKE!

Walking up scree slope is HELL... TOUGHEST thing I ever did its like walking on threadmill! you dont get anywhere.... Took 3 days to get to base camp.

Took us 1 hour 10 mins to climb a mere 200m on day 1 after base camp towards CAMP1.

Took 6 hours to climb a mere 300m on summit push.

GILA BABI... We had what it feels like a 100km/hr winds! The HUGE Base camp tent got blown away!!! Minus 35 degres celcius at High Camp..... and much more!!!



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