Sunday, June 08, 2008

Calibrated Nike+ and Garmin : 9km run

Did a run this morning. Feel really good. I was kinda hoping to get the rhythm back.

I was really interested in finding out if my calibrated Nike+ was as accurate as the next best thing i have, the Garmin GPS. So, with my handphone behind the shorts, Ipod on the left hand and Garmin on the right, i set out to run this morning at 8.30am.

The proposed route was from home, towards 1Utama, turn right into TTDI and head towards the Park, run 1 round in the park, follow the road infront of the mosque, turn left into LDP, uturn and head back home. I reckon it would be roughly about 10km.

The initial run was great, i managed to cover the first 2km in a commendable 10 minutes. I must keep reminding myself not to push it. I am not as fit as i was. Not as *seasoned* as i was before. What used to be a simple 10km "out and back" run has now turned into something else - "sole-searching".

i constantly check the Ipod and the Garmin, to see if the speed is consistent. I found it hard to compare as the Ipod broadcast the speed as minute pace (ie 6:00 pace or 6 min per KM) and the Garmin is in the more usual KM/H.

070608 Run

On the Nike+, I managed to clock a predictable 9.1km run in 55 minutes. Average pace was 6:00. Compare that with the GPS that says i clocked 8.9km in 54min.

But what was more impressive was from the Garmin's software, i actually see the undulating terrain which i ran. The pic above showed the profile on the top left corner. Impressive (as in the GPS)

THe Nike+ and GPX, however, clocked me in at the same average speed. Which to me, is good.

With only 200 meters different within 1 minute of time, i must say that i could safely take the Nike+ calibration to be almost 95% accurate.

070608 Run ipod

This Nike+ thingy is like playing game la, if i had it last year during my run up to IM08, i would has easily clocked more mileage than i thought i did in my whole lifetime.

Perhaps, this is just another way of telling me that i still have tonnes of IM to do, and it is not too late to start clocking in those mileage...and bloody do a PB in next year's IM09.


One more run tomorrow, I promise!

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