Monday, June 02, 2008

Mixed Weekend

Fresh from knowing that IM09 will still be RM500 until end of this month. I went back after a long tiring stressful day at work (seriously, i've not worked so hard before i joined this company. I have a portfolio of at least 331 sites to be done this year, of which, half was completed). The stress gets to me. But i believe i could better manage it nowadays, compared to previous work.

Friday was one of those days when the items in your pending list gets utterly unbelieveably stressful.

So, i went home, had a quick dinner and the food did not comfort me (yes, i do succumb to comfort eating). I went upstairs, came down with full running gear and told wifey i really need to "sweat it out".

Off i went into the middle of the night (okok, 10pm, not middle yet la) and ran as fast as i could.

I did a 4:30 pace for a good 1km and continued to run faster. I was running as if i was trying to outrun the dogs which (barked as if my ass was their dinner) in the neighbourhood. I clocked 2.5km in less than 10minutes.

Then i started to have churning feeling in the tummy.

I feel like vomitting. The rice. The vegetable. The meat.

Held back. Slowed down. Almost at tears.

I called it a night at 4.44km, clocking in at 24.54.

If IM09 training had started, it was the day i felt like quitting.

I walked into the home. Dejected. I intended to do a 10km around the neighbourhood. I failed. I went up for a shower and proceed to send my Mum in law back. Came home, feeling like shit. Watched some tv. Went to sleep.

Saturday was dedicated to prepare the apartment we used to stay for new resident to move in. We decided to rent out the apartment once called home for the next 2 years. It was spend:
1. shuttling from my sister-in-law's apartment to collect one fridge and one tv, then;
2. headed to my mum-in-law's house to offload the fridge and take her fridge, then;
3. loaded up the fridge and brought both the item to our apartment, offloaded and;
4. then all the left over stuff in the apartment was collected;
5. loaded up and sent to our current home.

The rest of the day was spent fixing up some minor nitty gritty at home.

I wanted to go for a run on Sunday at 5.30am. Do the usual 20km run (which i know will be reduced to walk at 15km). But Ryan had to wake up at 4am, played and became needy until 6.30am...and there goes my plan for the 20km run.

Then this morning...again, the plan to do a simple 10km was distrupted when Ryan awakens at 4.30am...

Seriously, i think quitting the sports seems to be the best thing to do now.

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