Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick Updates

1. Nadia is now 3.0kg (Tuesday). We have to visit Dr. Raman tomorrow for a check up as Wifey's water level is low. Hopefully things improve or she will be admitted tomorrow.

2. I am attending my last meeting as the Exco Member of OPA (Old Putera Association) now. This is my 6th year.

3. THANK YOU! Look out for me racing in their color!

4. Nike i come.

5. HQ IT is auditing all the PC and Laptops. I stand to lose my iTunes, my Mapsource and some of the softwares which i've been using. I am keeping my finger crossed that those softwares will be allowed, else, i have to get a PC just to do my iTunes, GPS etc etc.

6. Stress.

7. Happy Father's Day.

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