Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy HIIT-ing!

Went out around 2pm yesterday for a quick 5km run.

Before i go on, lets set some record straight:
1. When i say "quick" - it really meant as fast as i possibly could in the current fitness state
2. When i say "can die" - i really meant can die.

OK, now lets hear a story about my can die HIIT trianing i did yesterday.

800m - slow (5:40 pace)
800m - fast (5:00 pace)
400m - slow (5:15 pace)
400m - fast (4:30 pace) - start to die
200m - slow (5:15 pace)
200m - fast (4:15 pace)
100m - slow (5:30 pace) - obviously tired
100m - fast (4:45 pace)
1000m - slow (6:00 pace) - to catch up with my heartbeat
1000m - fast (5:00 pace) - can die.

HIIT 080608
corresponding speed graph against distance

i managed my best mile yesterday. I did the 1 mile in 8min 27 second. I must do better. Nearest benchmark is to do the 1 mile in 8 minutes. I aim to do that within the next 6 weeks. Make that 3 weeks.

So, in 3 weeks, i better be able to run 1 mile in 8 minutes.


By the way, user of Nike+, make sure you calibrate your unit, else, you won't get accurate reading. :)

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