Monday, June 16, 2008

Nadia - HERE!

We checked in this morning at 9am at PMC. Anxious and not entirely sure what to expect. I meant, this isn't the first time we are going through this (ok, it's the second time) and to a certain extend, we did not freak out like how we did previously.

We opted for a single room this time around, reason being, Wifey thinks it's better to let me sleep properly; previously, i was sleeping between 2 chairs. This time around, i have the option to sleep all over the floor without fear that anyone will step all over me.

Wifey was due for C-Sect at about 1pm. However, due to some twist of fate, we had to reschedule to 4pm. Wifey was really hungry - her last meal was this morning at 6am. Poor her. She has to go on without food until tomorrow! As i'm writing now, she is in hunger, while baby is sucking on her!

At about 3pm, Wifey was wheelled into the OT. I tagged along. Anxious feeling all over me. Somehow, it felt different. Nadia will be borned not full term. She will be circa 38 weeks only. Plus with wifey's water level low, i was actually bracing for some worse case scenario kind of thing. Touchwood, of course.

Friends that i smsed gave words of encouragement, helping me to take away all the "what ifs". My only other comfort zone is that Dr. Raman and Dr Dhomo is with us - the same 2 doctor that delivered Ryan.

THere was another man in the waiting room. Apparently, his wife is under GA and delivering as well. SO he has to sit inside the cold cold room and wait. I was luckier as Dr. Dhamo managed to insert the epi needle much easier compared to 19 months ago.

Like clockwork, Dr Raman and his merry (wo)men operated on Wifey and now, for the first time to the whole world wide web...say hello to Nadia Kathleen Lim Ri-Anne!

She is a healthy 3.3kg heavy and 30.3cm tall babe. At 38 weeks, she has the potential to grow up to 3.8kg within the next 2 weeks should wifey carry her to term. She is the same weight as her brother, and as tall.

But of course, she is more dainty and sweet - and she has much much more hair compared to Ryan!

Wifey got back to the room close to 6pm and immediately after Nadia was cleaned and having her body temperature stablised, i brought her to wifey to be breastfed.

I tell you, compared to Ryan, Nadia's instinct to latch on (as what the lactation consultants would refer to) was like taking the duck to water.

As i'm finishing this post up, all i can say is that Nadia and Wifey are sleeping hand in hand, cuddled and safe.

And i couldn't be happier.

Ryan? Oh, he is still trying to figure out who/what is that small bundle all wrapped up in the blanket...but this loving brother did went and kiss Nadia! Jealousy? I think this boy will be more possesive and protective than jealous!

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