Thursday, March 12, 2009

1988 : 6 Emas SRK Taman Melawati

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What memories!


  1. Is that Cikgu Zuraidah? I cannot remember the other 2 teachers. Cikgu Adnan? Those were the days! :D

  2. Your memories are superb. Yes. It's Cikgu Zuraidah and Cikgu Adnan. :D

  3. Man that bring back memories. I am the second from the left on the second row. I left for Australia on that year but remember guys like Surindran and Choy. Which one are you?

    1. Lai Eu Gene - how can you not remember me! :P

      Lim Ee-Van here by the way. Yes, you left for Aussie. :) Myself, Surin and many more in the photo you saw are still very much in touch. :)

      Email me at im at tristupe dot com bro.

      And yes, your mum's french toast and your Atari was our usual favorite. :) And who else will provide soccer ball? I still think of you when i drive pass Jalan I. :)