Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Body Test System with Wifey

The title sounded wrong. Body Test System with Wifey.

What really happened wasn't in and out or up and down between the sheets but it was equally as sweaty when she decided to sign up for the 10km run in the upcoming KL Marathon run. I've made my commitment to her to train and run with her - bearing in mind that this will be her very first official sanctioned run.

I took this opportunity to get back to training as well.

Today's menu was to walk as far and as fast as we can within 40minutes.

It was made possible as my mum came over yesterday night and we left the kids with her this morning.

I walked the pace i did in IM, which was comfy for wifey to follow as well.

Her target within the next 2 weeks would be to run the whole 30 minutes (and cover 5km in the process).

With 3 months to go, i am more than sure she will be able to cover the 10km in less than an hour.

I know she could. She is my wife.

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