Tuesday, March 03, 2009

HomeMade Burger

After IronMan, i'm back to be IronChef.

Decided to make our own burger patty yesterday.

Infact, after IronMan on Saturday, or rahter, during the race, i had cravings for burger. I almost wanted to go buy one after the race but i feel asleep in the shower at 3am. I had sticks of Satay Kajang upon my return home and i had fried chicken and fried sotong yesterday for lunch. But nothing satisfy my "recovery" tummy.

So, wifey and myself decided to try and make our own burger. Here's the recipe.

500grams of mince beef (we spent a bit on the "weight watcher" beef as it has noticeably less/no fat compared to the other mince beed version)
2 shallots, diced
1 garlic, diced
L&P sauce
dash of french dressing (basically anything we found in the fridge).

Mix the above well in a big bowl and cover it with cling sheet to let the mixture set.

Place in the fridge for 20 minutes at least (we left it for a good 2 hours and went shopping)

Mix it well

You don't need to worry that the meat won't stick and fall apart as beef has enough moisture to hold itself together. If you are going to use chicken, use some eggs to keep things in place.

Once the settling is done, take the mixture out and shape it into a ball of whatever size you think you want your burger to be.


Next, all you need is to grill/fry it over the fire. I choose a non stick pan and grease it a bit with butter for that unmistaken aroma of mouth watering and salivating experience.

Turn the patties over often and you just need to cook the patties for about 4 to 5 minutes and you will end up with a medium cooked burger. Adjust the "rare-ness" accordingly.

As for the dressing of the homemade burger, it is limited to your imagination (and palate, obviously). What we did was to bake a loaf of seed bread (basically all the seeds thrown in with flour and all).

We had lettuce, onion and cheese as the dressing, top with some mustard of course.

And don't tell me this isn't delicious looking...

I'm resorting to comfort eating to make up for my dismal performance in IronMan.


  1. Fuuhhhh! Looking delicious!
    And u got a bread maker too??
    Me too!
    But its sitting there getting rusty. LOL. Not tht I dun wan to use it but its been a pain..alws comes out dry and hard one!!

  2. The secret is using cold water and a whole packet of yeast. make sure you drop in a tablebspoon of oil too after you put in the water ;-)