Friday, March 27, 2009

Wifey's Away

Yesterday i ahd to put the kids to sleep all by myself.

What usually takes 30 minutes for Wifey took me almost 2 hours.

Nadia refused to sleep because the usual "bosom" is not there. She twist and turned. Cried and laughed as if mocking me for an hour plus.

Ryan then refused to close his eyes and asked me to read to him in darkness. That took close to 45minutes.

By then, it was already 11am.

It is a wonder what you don't know you are missing until someone that magically does that goes missing.

But i had good fun sleeping with Ryan on his bed. Call it male-bonding or whatever but the smell of his hair was just simply wonderful (sweat smell) and his limbs flying all around and all over as he move from position A to position B and to position C, all 90 degrees of each other left me with a smile.

My mum slept on my bed with my cousin (she's 4) while i took the floor with Ryan.

Nadia was in her cot and cheekily woke up a few times throughout the night and clapped her hand and amuse herself with the pillow and bolster.

It is scary how much i've learnt to depend on someone whom i call wifey.

She is the real Hero(ine). She wash, clean, took care and still managed to go to work on time.

As for me, all i do is go to work, come back, spend some time, sleep. Repeat.

Don't take your spouses for granted.

I know i now appreciate her more than ever now.

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