Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wifey Kiara Run

Any other woman (Le Tuang ladies excluded) will freak out and be angry if her husband or partner bring her for a run on their wedding anniversary.

But luckily my name is Ee-Van and i'm a member of a few crazy weekend warrior atheletes. These attribute has rub off to wifey and she is very determined to run competetively.

10km to most of us is not far. But i recall my first 10km race with Doc Hisyam and i remembered it as "not pleasant". Infact, it took me 1H 20Mins to complete that 10km during PJ Half Marathon eons ago. Since then, i've learnt that the human could be coaxed and pushed to achieve what they don't think they could in the first place.

Yesterday was wifey's longest run/walk. I did not make it easier by bringing her to run/walk Kiara.

I parked as far as i think is adequate and we walked up the ascent and run down the descent.

Usually, people would just go for some nice dinner and some private time together. But i guess this is no ordinary wifey.

We went home for some home fried meehoon (my mum's) and later that night, after the kids has slept, we sneaked out (and told my mum to help babysit for a while) for some supper.

And it wasn't any fancy places either.

We ended up at the Uptown7 food court, devouring some Hakka Yong Tau Foo (please, it is not that overrated chee cheong fun on the other end) and ABCs.

Then this morning, she woke up at 7am and asked me for a quick run.

I took the opportunity to help her calibrate the Nike+ and she managed to run 80% of the short 2km this morning.

Reason for the short run was because her heel has a blister - not from running, but by being a fashion victim and wore a new shoe to work, which caused the blister.

Nevertheless, i'm proud of her! I've happily put up a Nike MiniMe on the right of this blog so everyone could see her progress!

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