Monday, March 30, 2009

Productive Saturday

My Saturday started when Nadia woke up at 5am and decided that i am the better bed/pillow than her rubber mattress in her cot.

I initially intended to go for a swim and run by 7.30am but Nadia decided that her daddy's man boobs was quite comfy when compared to her mum's bosom and she slept until 8am.

I managed to get to the club by 8.30am and swam for a good 30 minutes. I am preparing myself for my maiden Kapas-Marang swimathon on 12th April. It was simple compared to my usual other races as the only gear i require will be the goggle and perhaps a swim cap.

I just need to complete 6.5km open sea swim within cut off (which i have no idea how long is that, yet).

At 9am, i was torn between Run or Gym.

For old time sake and just because Rashid Robocop asked me about bodybuilding, i decided to go and do some "pumping iron" activities.


Funny to be carrying weights again.

6 sets pyramid up-down bench press, same for fly. Proceed to Barbell curl same set and reps and dumbell curls of similiar sets/reps.

I used to bench 240lb. Last Saturday, i was struggling with 160lb.

Barbell curl was 120lb and now ended up with max of 55lb.

Damn shy.

Only saving grace is one uncle complimenting me that i have a nice upper body. he was suprised i am 33. He thought i am 21.

Now i am wondering if he was hitting on me.

Got back by 10am and spent sometime with the kids and my mum. It was not until 12.30pm that i recieved a call from a colleague and i have to go back to office to open the door for her. At least i got some kitkats and zip wafer as reward.

I then drove to Uncle Ong and took back the 2 bikes i bought there for year ago!

Paid RM170 to service, changed 6 tires and tubes and paid the "space rental" fee. Not too bad for a year's storage infact!

I went back home with the bike, passed one (my trusty Le Run) to my sis in law and then drop the Specialized HardRock at home before going to my mum's house to repair one old bike and to take my Fuji Explorer II back.

You all know la, Xterra Malaysia is 67 days from today. I have no choice but to start training - on the MTB and knobbies!

After reaching home, i went to the hypermarket to buy some groceries.

Back by 8pm and switched off lights (non essential lights) at 8.30pm to mark Earth Day (i try to switch on only essential lights everyday - much to wifey's annoyance as she wants the house lighted).

By 9.30pm, wifey was back from Bangkok.

And like magic...the kids slept within 15 took me 2 hours for the 2 nights she was away!

It was a tiring Saturday for me. But i was very happy to be able to complete that many things.

One thing i did not manage to do on Saturday was bringing Ryan to cut hair...which i did on Sunday! (watch this space - i will post Ryan's pic in another posting!)

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