Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Felt B2 TT Bike Frame Size 54CM For Sale

August 9, 2012 Update: The bike has been sold to a gentleman in US of A.
A friend recently got a replacement frame from Felt as his went bust. Since he is not interested to rebuild the bike, and has since gotten another completely built TT bike, he is selling this one for a song. 

Here are the specs for this Triathlon Specific Bike Frame
Frame: Felt TT/Tri UHC Advanced MMC carbon fiber w/ 3KP weave, mechanical internal cable routing, aluminum dropout & derailleur hanger
Brand new with sticker even
Fork: Felt Bayonet2 UHC Advanced MMC carbon fiber monocoque Design w/ 3KP weave, 1 piece carbon blades, dropouts, crown & external steerer w/ Felt compression device

  • Never been ridden. Full Specs of the bike Here
    Priced at USD1,600 or RM5072, the frame will be delivered to anyone in Kuala Lumpur FOC. 
    If you are interested, please contact me directly for dealing (IM at Tristupe.com). I can try to get some discount, but no promises.