Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Haze Is Back And No One Cared

I bet many of you did not know that the haze is back in Klang Valley and it hit 118ppm in Port Klang this afternoon.
What's with the Apathy people? Why TIDAK APA? Open burning is still happening and it seems that no one really care about it. 
Visibility dropped to about 2km from my office. Taken at 1500hours July 30, 2012
If you see any open burning, please do your part by informing the authority. For your info, the NO OPEN BURNING is still BANNED
June 17, 2012
Thinking that the rain on early July 31, 2012 would had cleared some haze away, a re-check at the DOE website showed that only 25% of the country has GOOD air with 73% moderate and 2% unhealthy. The 25% GOOD air are in East Malaysia. Peninsular is choking.
Again, Port Klang at 116ppm with generally Klang Valley approaching the high of Moderate.
Here is a photo from my office at 12noon today. Visibility has been reduced to 1km compared to yesterday.
Certainly no camera trick
The talk on this haze has been going on for at least a decade. It has always been a "No Action Talk Only" or NATO by the present Government. The level of importance to this very clear environmental concern has been falling on deaf ears and Malaysians has learnt to SUCK IT UP and LIVE ANOTHER DAY.
Do you like air like these? I don't and i will vote for any politicians that can come up with a solution and WORK towards reducing the haze. Take note!


  1. I could smell it this morning at the office. :(

  2. Someone cooking Ayam Percik too early

  3. Bandar Sunway is so hazy, hazier than the haze few months back or is it few week back, but its bad!

  4. Fiz - and the best thing? no one cared. No warning by the media. No reminder from anything.

  5. And JLN's Adi Enterprise workers where burning things in the forest, at 4K East, last weekend. The cloud of smoke was visible in 2K trail.

    Luckily it seems JLN's boss Bodoh Chor has bowed to public pressure to stop all the Open Burning, errrrrr I mean construction works within Kiara.

  6. Anon - That is good information. Next time, photos!