Monday, July 30, 2012

Homemade Banana Bread

Wifey surprised me by making a Banana bread last week. I am currently trying to recover from low iron content in my blood and Banana is one of the food that has high iron content, apart from other good nutrional values. Making it into bread provides both energy and nutrition to power through the day. I do not have the recipe with me now, hopefully I will be able to post it up soon. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the photos I've taken when the process of making it happened.
All Purpose Flour
Gotta be the most expensive yoghurt i bought. RM11/500grams. Misleaded by the 5.99/500gram on the shelf. Luckily it tasted nice.
Queen Organic Vanilla Essence
SCS Butter and sugar (Wifey reduced the sugar by half, i as told.
Banana. Real stuff. No Banana flavouring.
Mash it all up
Baking Station
Washing up - always the least favourite thing to do
Put into the container
Level it
Place in Oven...
Wait for an Hour
Nice crack right down the middle
Fresh from Oven at 10pm - SERVE!


  1. used to bake this once a week during my baking day.

    add some toasted walnut in there, the different texture make it much better.