Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alternative Coffee Filter Solution

In my series of How To Do It Like A Man tag, today i will show you how a desperate caffeine addict make do with a self-sourced "filter media" to get that almost perfect drip coffee. One can argue that it will be easier to just go get a pack of the paper filters, but that would be too easy and will not "be the same level of man-liness". What you will need is two pieces of kitchen paper towel, ability to understand simple instruction under caffeine-deprivation-duress and ability to put in a few heapful of coffee powder, hot water and patience to wait for them to drip before gulping the final product down in 3-big gulp. For now, lets just start with preparing the filter.
Step 1: Get those Paper Towel. Nevermind they are not as swanky as proper filter media
Step 2: Fold them into half diagonally.
Step 3: And half again the same way
Step 4: Open up the "triangle in the fold and you will get a CONE. This is basic Form 3 Science in the Malaysian School Education system. 
 Repeat Step 1 to Step 4 on another Paper Towel. You will NEED TWO of these CONES. 
Step 5: Combine the TWO PAPER CONE together and you get an almost fail-proof-strong-enough-filter-that-won't-fail. Duh.
Step 6: Prepare your coffee by placing two heapful of powder into a cup/container, pour almost boiling water into them, stir and leave it to brew for 4 minutes. Alternatively, if you need guidance on understanding how to do it proper, read here
Step 7: Pour coffee into filter. :)
Step 7a: make sure you hold the "filter"...
Step 8: Hold the filter and allow the brew to drip through at the bottom. 
Step 8a: Option to squeeze the remaining drugs so no wastage
Step 9: ENJOY!
The paper towel was surprisingly strong and efficient in filtering out the coffee and the powder that resulted in zero mucks in the cup. The coffee was as smooth as prepared using the French Press or via any peculator. 
*This post was written under severe-caffeine-deprivation triggered by jet lag. Hands was shivering and cold sweat was felt together with numbness on the face while waiting for the coffee to finish dripping. No man nearby was harmed or became collateral. All normalcy returned upon finishing the coffee in one big gulp.

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