Monday, May 29, 2006

And then came the paintings.

It has been months since we came back from Bali with those paintings and finally, 2 weeks ago, we send it for framing, which ultimately cost more than the painting itselfs. Well, the highlight was of course the 2 big 7 footer by 3 footer painting we bought.

Our empty living room wall, barren for months used to look like this
living room before

But now, with this painting
living room painting

It now looked like this
living room after

The living room now looked so much smaller...LOL...

it is hard to find nice Buddha painting. I won't classify this as Buddha's Head as well, as it looked rahter feminine. It looked more like some eleborate Balinese babe actually, or so we think.

Next of course, is the painting in the bedroom.

Wifey love this painting, it's chaotic, but at the same time serene. Then again, art is subjective, we love the colour and the painter, Wayan Lemon, was very reluctant to part with this piece as this was the piece that took him months to paint.
market busy painting

So, the empty room wall ended up looking like this
sorry for the messy bed, was too lazy to stretch it up proper...LOL taking 10 now.

And if you noticed, the blue hue in the room was unintentional. The curtains are new, proper blackout bought and made from Kamdar. The blue nightlights are my companion for my bedside reading and the painting just blended in.

Yes, the room now too, looked small.

And so, the two other drawings were placed in the Walkway to the room, a colourful Phoenix painting to spruce the walkway up.

And yes, it make it all look small too.

And finally, we took the fake existing Cafe painting down ...
hall before

and replace with this Yin-Yang Balanced huge 5 feet by 5 feet painting.
hal after

And now, our 1000 odd sq feet apartment looked like it doesn't exceed 800 sq feet.

But we are very happy. It felt home, at last.
Next up : Finding the right lights to *illuminate* both the head up!

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