Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And The Destination We Are Going!!!

Jittery bug biting in again.

After last friday's shoot at Alam Sentral for the show's first episode, which showcase all the 12 teams (of which, only 11 turn up) and given more chances to be whoring infront of the camera...

Marzuki Looking pretty - can soemone nominate him for next year's Cleo Bachelor

While Bandit tried to look prettier...and look, David are all prepped up behind!

Explorace ep 1 shoot
Shooting begin and teams were interview about the whole race set up.

After the shooting, which lasted until 1am in the morning, the final 6 teams sat down with the producers and also the crew of Explorace Season 3 soon after until 2am. We were given the rundown of the first round, mainly, the only grouses they have was we weren't whoring enough. Man, and i thought i was already hogging the camera. So, for round 2, we got to give, or be more of a slut infront of the camera. We are to bitch about our opponents (had to put this disclaimer here first, incase i appear in TV looking like some arrogant bastard cursing my opponents around and pushing them about) and we had to, well, make love to the camera.

OK, Bandit, down boy. Down.

So, TODAY, me and Mr. team mate decided to play the guessing game again. Our call time for Saturday is at 5.30am in Sri Pentas. Assumming that we leave the place by 6.00am, it will take at most an hour to reach KLIA ie by 7am.

Since international departure needs a 2 hours check in time (or so they say), then, we are looking at flights from as early as 9am onwards.

And so...the EIU (Explorace Investigate Unit) decided to do some checking on MAS's website for online ticketing and here is what we found.

Pre-9am flights
Shanghai, China - 8.50am
Medan, Indonesia - 8.55am

9am-10am flights
London, England - 9.00am
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - 9.05am
Jakarta, Indonesia - 9.10am
Changi, Singapore - 9.25am
Phuket, Thailand - 9.30am
Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 9.30am
Brisbane, Australia - 9.40am
Taipei, Taiwan - 9.40am
Perth, Australia - 9.40am
Xiamen, China - 9.45am
Denpasar, Indonesia - 9.50am
Sydney, Australia - 9.55am
Hong Kong - 9.55am
Melbourne, Australia - 10.00am
Bangkok, Thailand - 10.00am

Siem Riep, Cambodia - 11.00am
Tokyo, Japan - 11.00am

We were told to wear sleeved T and pants. No sleeveless or shorts allowed as this is an oversea race, hence got to be *sensitive* and we are representing Malaysia (yes, running around doing things ala Amazing Race, harrasssing the citizen of that country, i think we better bring some pepper spray as well).

I'm also discounting destination that will give me advantage, hence, country that speaks chinese are out, ie China (Hong Kong belongs to China what...) and Taiwan.

china spitting
China - We Spit Not.

bro mos
Taiwan - Land of Triad..seen here is the late Brother Mosquito, click here to read about his Funeral

We were also told that previous season's destination should not be striked out as the producer did say that it is not easy to enter someone's country equipped with tonnes of equipments fit for a mini concert.... which is true...hence, country previously visited and their task like...

aussie gay
Aussie- your task is to join the mardi gras parade in St. Kilda.

thailand katoey
Thailand-Place where Kok are Bang...and we are supposed to be banged by these katoey....

indonesian kretek
Indonesia-roll some kretek ala cuban cigar?

korea sonata
Korea- Bandit...i lap you...

vietnam GI
and Vietnam-We are so going to war with the camera...

And of course, we aren't surprised if we are to go to new destination like...

england hooligans
London - world cup is here, your task is to be a hoooligann...

tokyo sex
Tokyo - koneku kecewa?

cambodia lonely planet
and Siem Riep - never trust the Lonely Planet guide ok!

Not discounting out even places like Medan (with Lake Toba there...) out as if they can bring us to Kota Tinggi for round one...i'm sure we can be brought to the most obscure place on planet Earth...

medan toba
row row row your raft...gently down Toba....

so, what's your take readers???

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