Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In Memoriam.

Life is cruel.

I just found out, as i was walking pass my regular mechanic today, that someone we both know just passed away on Saturday.

He was a cheery 25 years old. Eldest amongst his siblings with one twin brother which doesn't act/look like him.

Their dad obviously knows which son of his could be counted on the most. Which son of his which never fail to win his trust.

I still can't believe what i heard.

The very same guy that gives me invaluable lesson on car's mechanism and repair. The very same guy which shed sweat and blood to fix up the old Beetles which me and wifey owns. The very same guy that could talk cock with me when i drop by his place. Is now gone.

I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye. He was buried yesterday. I only knew today.

His car spun off at LDP, hitting the divider and smashing into a signboard. The car was totalled.

Rest in Peace Ah Yoong, you touched my life in more than one way.

The only memory now which i have of you is when we both tried to get the brake lights on the Beetles to work amidst the that was pouring down heavily, only to find out that the reason why it wasn't working was because no one was stepping on the brake pedal.

Rest my dear friend. Rest in peace.

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