Monday, May 29, 2006

Cathay Cineplex, X3 and Chang...

I can't remember the last time me and wifey went for a movie. Not that we are anti-social people, but the hassle to line up, buy ticket and be seated right next to someone that scratches his balls or move every 3 seconds...or give a running commentory to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend (depending on their sexual preferences) is really really irritating...that alone could be a whole new thriller made if i ever stand up and make some horror show right there live in the cinema.

And so, we went to Curve, to check out the new MJ store. Parked near the "Fitness Second - Flesh First" outlet, we saw the newly opened Cineleisure. Kiasu. So, went in. The place is huge...and dead.

Nothing inside except the cinema.

So, went upstairs. 3 floors in total. Reached the cinema floor and was impressed by their set up. Almost like KLCC's TGV. Big, Airy, Empty.

Perhaps it was because it is Sunday and it's only 12.20pm. Half the world that went out partying the night before are most probably still nursing their hangover, or still kicking themselves in the arse for wasting their weekend doing nothing productive.

The run down:
1. The ticketing counter looked very friendly. It's an open concept where the ticketing staffs aren't separated from the public by some 1 inch thick glass and frankly, those glasses in most cineplexes make you feel as if you are dealing with some pawnshop/money changer...

2. The counter has touch screen monitor where the public could touch and tell the ticketing staff which movie/seating they like - interactive!!!!

3. Tickets are priced at RM10 each. Not sure if that is the current going rate for movies though.

4. Staff were friendly, maybe because it's their second day after being launched the day before...

5. there were 2 titbits counter and the popcorns were nice and fresh, not like some which were soggy and has no taste...then again, the machines are new...

6. The toilet were a bit small...

And so, me and wifey being super kiasu, bought 2 tixs for X-Men 3 and off we went into cinema 6.

And the best thing? There isn't anyone else in the cinema.

OK, we went in late by 5 minutes and the lights were dimmed by then but we didn't miss anything except the advertisments. But i swore there isn't more than 20 people inside the cineplex...apparently there is 2 cinema that were used to show this movie, whilst the first one was almost packed, the second one was almost empty!!!

More run down:
7. the seats were plush and comfy, a lot of leg rooms and there won't be any chances of anyone sitting infront blocking you unless they wear a huge ma'fa afro or some clown hats. Then again, it's new.

8. the aircond were cold. And again, there was only 20 people!

I'm not gonna spoil it for those that has not seen X3...but just let say that the movie was corny at some moments when the dude with wings went flying...i swore i heard R.Kelly's song playing in the background....

And then Jean came back Phoenix and i swore to you, i can't help but think she's a tranny like in Nip/Tuck season 2 as Ava Moore.

Phoenix - man, she looked like she can bite off your ears ala Mr. Tyson

famke moore
Ava Moore - the tranny babe that beds 16 years old male in Nip/Tuck. a TMILF!!!!

And the most impressive new mutant(LOL, in this movie i meant) is non other than Juggernaut
juggie huge
I know those are fake rubber suit...:P

But i was half expecting them to feature Ronnie Coleman as Juggernaut...for those that do not know who he is...he is the undisputed Mr. O (as in Olympia...not Orgasms) 8 times over...

If you think Susunegar (7 time Mr. O), my long lost cousin(my other long lost cousin is Jonah Lomu and Tana Umaga) is huge...
arnold susunegar
Susunegar at his best...
see if this freaks you out...
ron coleman
i heard when he drives his Hummer, his chest are touching the steering wheels...

And so, the Last Stand was taken la...the movie was good, i would give it a A rating because the cinema was new...and the fact that we didn't see any movie since like forever!

Later that night, we went over to my aunt's house.

And the highlight? they were making Chang...Homemade Glutonious Rice with nuts, mushrooms, oyster and meat in it! Ultralicious!
so many many many yummy yummy yummy

Mum giving wifey more and more and more...

And that, is the plus side of having a nucleas family the size of a small kampung in some ulu place. :)

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