Thursday, May 04, 2006

MMDS Pics and Report

A bit late for this. But yes, i finished the first league of the MMDS in time almost similiar as last year.

All pics by Anna thank you very much Babe!

stupe2 mmds#1 06
coming out of the transition - just taking it easy

stupe mmds#1 06
perhaps too easy until there is a rush to the finish?

finisher mmds#1 06
i think i'm balding. Doesn't look as good when standing next to Mani and Soon

basikal mmds#1 06
The Long and Endurance people. No, we aren't sponsored by Thule

poser mmds#1 06
The fun people -love the poses of the posers!

After fliping through 7th page (of 11 pages for Men Overall results)..i found my name on number 200 ( out of 299 participant, of which, only 257 finish/start the race) meaning i'm just better than 56 people behind me. and clocking in 1:06:40 for the first 10k run - 1:48:19 for the biking (plus minus 10 minutes telling Dilah what to do with her flats and walking with Terence for 1km to encourage him on before i go straight and he going to complete his 10k run) - and 40:52 for the final 5km to come out with a super slow 3:35:51.

well done to all that had done well!

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