Friday, May 26, 2006

A Week to Round 2 Explorace

The jitters are back again. Win this and one step closer to 100k (to be shared between me and Azly of course).

Next opponents are the crazy fit young jokers which could make us laugh while racing and totally make us lose concentration. We old buggers are not as fit as they are, but what we lack in fitness, we hope to win in Luck and Wit.

My blogging activities been pretty slow and quiet. Nothing to write about. I'm suffering from some writer's block...or so i think.

Anyway, for the past 1 week:

1. Met up with Songx - someone i knew for some time online but never met.

2. Played rugby for the first time in months.

3. Started lifting weight again and feel good about to let the leg rest as i think i'm doing too much cardio.

4. Started cycling to the gym whenever i could. No better way to build the cycling legs than to cycle itself.

5. Saw Yoga Instructor walking down the aisleside walk while doing my back in gym.

6. Gonna get the paintings bought in Bali to be put up at home.

7. made a makeshift blackout curtain using blanket...after months of waking up with the sun shining through the beige curtain in the room, we decided to make a proper blackout curtain to sleep in over the weekend.

8. Suprised myself and did 1080lb on the leg press machine for 6 partial reps - yeah, call me a cheat.

9. Decided that i need to go high reps and high intensity from now on to cut and tone the body. Need to get rid of my flabby bod. LOL.

10. got worried about Round 2 of Explorace.

So, for more exciting all got to wait a while longer. Due to be out of action from the 2nd till 6th Of June for round 2 of the race.

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